52 tons of knives & other stuff used in 2012 Olympic Stadium

Ever heard of recycling knives? No, not melting and then re-forging old blades into new ones. I’m talking recycling entire knives and other metal items seized by London’s Police Dept. and then using them to build major structures, like this one-

Rendering of the main 2012 Olympic stadium in London. (Credit: Populous)

I’m all for recycling and all, but my question is this- what are collectors of old knives to do if there are no more old knives to collect. Today’s knives are the old knives of tomorrow.

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New Eco-Friendly Cutlery?

To you who do have “Save the Planet” or “Go Green” bumper stickers, I’ve already staked-out I’m a Green Guy too, and yet, when I find a company championing a cause (or stirring it up) and then offering a solution it benefits from, it irks me. (I’m not talking about the ol’ capitalistic axiom of- find a need and fill it- here either).

You may or may not be aware plastics are under attack. I guess they don’t biodegrade very well, or something. Since we are about all forms of cutlery here at CNJ, my radar picked this up.

Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery (or Slips) is designed as an Eco-friendly replacement to those eternal plastic forks, knives and spoons, but before you assume this product is simply Chop Sticks- guess again.


Before Al Gore gives all the credit to this Bamboo Cutlery maker for saving our planet, did you know MASAYOSHI TAKETJCHI was granted a patent already for Bamboo Cutlery? Yep, it’s true- way back on June 27, 1916.

His patent application even adds- “The object of my invention is to produce articles of this kind (knives and forks) which will be attractive, cheap in costs and which may be thrown away after use…”

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Cutlery News Journal has gone green too

CNJ’s gone GREEN. You know, the movement sweeping the country right now? Well we’ve jumped in too. And we’re in good company because the biggest companies in the US, Hollywood, Al Gore and everyone who knows anything everything are all green nowadays.

So, now that we’ve declared, is there an official list we need to get on? Maybe a website somewhere we sign or an 800 number we need to call?

We publish a daily knife collector newspaper and don’t even use news-paper. I’d say that is pretty green, wouldn’t you?

Since we are one of the good guys now, I have to tell you a secret-  I’ve really been green for a long time.

greenlistTo prove my point, here’s my Green List.

I’ve been eating green beans ever since I could swallow- which was before I could chew, thank you very much.

I have green eyes.myeyes

I have always liked green grass (yard grass)

greentreetopsI love green trees and not un-green ones.

I love the Master’s Green Jacket. No, I don’t have one, but do remember Nicklaus’ win in 1986.

green-traffic-lightI love green lights.

greenappleMy favorite computer company declared they’re now a greener Apple

And if you can’t tell, green is my favorite color. I’m serious- it really is.

And now, I have held the best green for last… (more…)

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