Where is the new generation of knife collectors?

In the circle of leaders in the knife collecting industry, a question keeps resurfacing- “Where are the young folks we can interest in collecting? It seems they are absent from the shows and the collecting clubs and associations. Where are the teenagers and kids in their early to mid-twenties?”

Attend any show and you will easily see, the average age is probably 42- 47. The traditional knife collector- the individual commonly associated with this hobby is aging. So, what does this mean? When the old guards whittle their last piece of cedar does that mean the hobby is going to cease as a pastime? We know folks don’t meet any longer at the town square on a Saturday morning to chew the fat and trade knives with each other.

So, the question continues to linger…”Where are the young folks? Are they so into online gaming and social networking sites to have any interest in all things that go cut?”

I found them… I really did


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