There’s a thin line between a knife and a razor

I have always been a gadget nut. Most often it is electronic gadgets, but gadgets, nonetheless. The other day while researching for an upcoming post on tool knives, I ran across a hybrid knife.

This knife is a Blue Point large lock-back knife and is made by Snap On. Really the more I looked at it the more it struck me as a Transformer.

One of the bragging rights of this knife is you never need to sharpen it. Knives experience blade loss over time. bluepointlockbackknifeEventually sharpening causing the owner to throw the knife in the trash because the blade(s) is worn to a nub.

The Blue Point lock-back, on the other hand, features doubled-ended blades. You simply turn the blade around use the backside of the same blade. Then once you have thoroughly used that blade, a new one is swapped in.

bpointopenGranted I see limited uses for this so-called knife, mostly cutting- but no stabbing. No prying. No hacking. But I bet this baby will cut, like nobody’s business.


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