Boston man stabs himself, accidently

Obviously this guy is not a member of iKnifeCollector’s EDC Club, we’d never be this dumb, or at least wouldn’t have let anyone know. Instead, we’d just limp off with a forced smile as we dripped a blood trail.

greenlineHere’s the story, as reported on the Boston Globe’s– This morning a 29 year old man hopped on a Green Line trolley and when he sat down somehow his knife stabbed his leg. I’d be curious to know the details, but can report while the wound was serious, it wasn’t life threatening. That’s what a dude from the MBTA said.

Emergency Medial Services personnel responded to help the wounded man, which caused the outbound trolleys to be delayed right in the middle of the morning commute. Talk about embarrassing.

If someone can track this guy down, we’ll make him an honorary member of the EDC Club.

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The Dilemma of the Everyday Carry Knife

CNJ is still in its Weekend Edition with relatively little “breaking news” on this Sunday, so I want to revisit the Everyday Care Dilemma.

The EDC has received a bit of discussion here at CNJ lately. I didn’t get the Victorinox SwissFlash and I’m not carrying the Case Brothers Toenail I did get. So, I’m back to where I started- without an EDC.

The biggest problem I have with carrying a knife everyday is I don’t encounter very many opportunities to use it. Because of this, I’m not faced with the “if I only had a knife” dilemma. So, to remedy this I must have a knife that is a part of something else I do carry everyday.

It must be-

  • an item I already carry and use everyday
  • an item that will pass through airport scanners
  • an item I want to carry
  • an item with multiple uses
  • Thinking through the items I have on, or with me, at all time- here’s the short list:

    1. Wallet
    2. Keys
    3. Belt 
    4. Shirt & Britches
    5. Shoes
    6. Reading Glasses
    7. Sun Glasses
    8. MacPower Book
    9. Ink Pen
    10. My iPhone

    Wait a minute. Stop the press. I got it! Yes, that’s it!  


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