How many knives will a trillion dollars buy?

How many knives will one trillion dollars buy? I didn’t have a calculator with enough digits, so thought this would help put it in perspective.

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$9 Trillion Pulled From Stock Market

Don’t let the talk of the recession put a cloud over our head regarding the future of knife collecting or declining knife values.

dowjonesConsider this- E*Trade reports at the end of 2008, cash in money markets and bank accounts reached right at $9 Trillion. You read that right, that’s TRILLION with a “T.”

Just think of all those investors who are now looking for another place to park some of those dollars. Plus, though I am not an economist- just a knife collector, we know we will have tremendous inflationary pressure as we begin to come out of this slump, knives can be a tremendous hedge against inflation.

On a related note- The results of the 2009 Knife Community Survey confirm, close to 50% of knife collectors are new collectors- close to 30% have only collected less than 2 years. I’m preparing the report on the survey now, but you will also be surprised to learn, close to 50% of the collectors are under 25 years old. These two stats provide a very healthy future for our wonderful hobby and it flies in the face of the belief that the vast majority of collectors are 50+ years old- that simply isn’t true.

Our hobby is very alive and well, I’m glad to report. Now all we need to do is tap a few hundredths of a point of the $9 Trillion and funnel it our way.

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Knife Collecting Is Fun

You know the old saying about not being able to see the forest for the trees, well it is awful easy to lose perspective sometimes, isn’t it?

Knife collectors have to keep a balanced point of view too. Right now there are a number of “hot topics” and many folks are allowing themselves to get caught up in these debates.

Go hang around the proverbial water coolers in the knife forums and shows and you will see what I mean. 

And while “hot topics” are controversial- right now they are:

  • The decline in show attendance
  • The decline in participation and the number of memberships in associations and clubs
  • The oversupply of knives available to buyers
  • The slowing of knife sales
  • Shows not being as profitable
  • The weakness in secondary (resale) market for certain knives

Without debating these issues, the point here is our ability to decide our own focus.

We can still see the trees

Dealer having fun!

Dealer having fun!

Oftentimes we can get so preoccupied about an issue we lose sight on the reason we are collectors to begin with? 

So, let me ask you-


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