MAILER-DAEMON is a sad thing when it comes to knife collectors

I was rummaging around my files today- my email files and folders. Frequently, I’ll go back and read through old emails from knife collectors.

Might sound odd, but I find the topics interesting, plus to see what knives we talked about. Sometimes the collector shared with me actual knives in their collection too.

Today I tried to contact a collector from an old email only to have the email bounce back as undeliverable.

It’s the ding of the Inbox seconds after pushing send, only to see the dreaded MAILER-DAEMONRemote host said: 550 MAILBOX NOT FOUND. I get sick to my stomach every time.

And in some cases, it means the collector has passed away.

It’s a sad thing. When it happens I sit there for a minute thinking about what might have happened to the collector only to then wonder about his knives.

Not all collectors have huge collections that force the family to have to decide what to do with them. No, in many cases, there may only be a few knives, so what happens then?

Today, I tried to reconnect with a gentleman who contacted me back in 2003 about his stag HSB toenail. I ran across his email and thought I’ll just see how he was doing. Then the much feared MAILER-DAEMON showed up almost instantly.

Then what do you do? Most of the time I don’t know anything more than a name, sometimes only a first name. It’s not like I can walk down the street and knock on his door either.

I can’t help but wonder what happened to the knife he told me about too. Unfortunately, I can’t assume the family recognized the knife as valuable and rare. I’m afraid to think it was given to little Spike to play with.

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