Gustafsson’s New Age Dagger

Once again I was perusing through custom daggers and got stopped dead in my tracks.

My problem is a mixture of liking odd, large and, unfortunately, expensive knives (champagne taste on a beer budget).

Anyway, I don’t think it hurts to look, does it? Check it out. If you end up buying it, please don’t tell me. 


Johan Gustafsson "New Age Dagger"

Johan Gustafsson "New Age Dagger"



I know, I know, as hard as I was on tactical fixed blades I’m expecting to get my chops busted for lusting over this dagger (but you know I’d never carry this beaut).

If you care to look at it more closely (or purchase it), it is listed on Follow this link.

The bowie blade is 10″ and the “smaller” folding blade is 4 1/8.” It is almost 20″ OAL. The colors of the bolsters and blades are so cool! The handle is Fossil mammoth ivory. The design is killer. I’m not to crazy about its price though- $4800. I’ll stick to my vintage toenails, thank you anyway.

I know! I’ll add getting a custom dagger to my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions! Hey, maybe Daniel will put it on the knife layaway plan for me 🙂

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All I want for Christmas is a Van Barnett Dagger Knife

You guys know I’m an old knife guy (no pun intended). Give me a 100 year old knife and I’m in hog heaven.

vbarnettdagger1But here at CNJ I try to keep up with the other types of knives too- the customs, tacticals and newer factory made.

Well the other day I was perusing through the customs on eBay (actually I was looking for a custom dagger… go figure) and then one out of the 1901 knives listed under “custom knife” caught my eye.

If you can believe it, this knife was the only one I actually clicked through to look at after going through pages of them and I didn’t look over at the price…but it is called champagne taste on beer budget.

But heck who cares, right? I’d didn’t say I was buying it. Instead, I wanted it. Two totally different things. So, next time you talk to anyone who is wanting to know what I want for Christmas, you can tell them.

Van Barnett's Garden of Eden Dagger

Van Barnett's Garden of Eden Dagger

In case you are wondering, the price for the bidding to start is a bargain at $24,999.99. It has 124 diamonds, 18.1″ OAL. All trim is 14k gold with 24k gold texturing. Carved Ivory handle. High contrast ladder pattern Damascus. eBay auction page  Van Barnett’s Homepage

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