Craigslist- The 21st Century Yard Sale

We knife folks go crazy at the thought of finding a jewel somewhere no one else knows about.

  • We love the hunt
  • We love finding an undervalued knife (or related item)
  • We do love the trade too.
  • We love to know we have found a “place” other knife hunters haven’t found yet
  • We love to find non-auction places to find knives.

If you aren’t familiar with the ultimate online yard sale (and it isn’t eBay), then let me point you the way to craigslist.

craigslistscreenshot1craiglists is a “local” classifieds and forums for over 450 cities worldwide. They have 5 billion (that Billions with a “B”) page views each month and 15 million people using the site every month.


Each month the site records 14 million self-published new classified ads.

You can do system wide or local geo searches. I randomly selected “Atlanta” plugged in “knife” and 219 finds resulted.

You may say, “What good is an international classified ad site?” Well, I’ll tell you.

How many knives have been bought from folks who-  

  1. needed to sell,
  2. didn’t know the value of the knife they had,
  3. didn’t want to invest the time and energy to go to a knife show to see if they could sell for a little more, or
  4. didn’t know how to use eBay?

For free these folks put a short free (did I mention that it is Free?) classified ad. The local paper charges them to put it in their paper, ya know. craigslist is killing the newspaper classified business, incidentally.

craiglistgermanknivescraigslist is one of the top Internet sites in the world. Does that tell us anything here?

It ain’t pretty, but it is free to the users (except for job listings).

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