Like a kid in the candy store


Knifemaker- Joe Kious's Jade Vines

Knifemaker- Joe Kious's Jade Vines

This morning, Alex Whetsell, President of KnifeNetwork, blasted out a message promoting the 8th edition of the Don Guild Collection Sale. Of course, I clicked over to find about 70 fine custom knives by makers you know.

So, I thought I’d pass it on in case you want to grab yourself something for Christmas…or Thanksgiving.

Here is the link directly to the online catalog. Enjoy!

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CNJ Knife Web- Geek Ratings


Geek Rating Icon

Geek Rating Icon

If you are a regular reader of the Cutlery News Journal, you know we are the first exclusively Web-based knife news source. One of our central topics is knife Web-news, all about knives, collectors and the industry taking place on the web.

While CNJ is not a Web-technology site, the context of many of our stories is how to use the Web and all is has to offer, as a collector. These articles are written so as not to get too technical or overly geeky.


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