Blade Magazine Article

bladelogoRecently I was asked if I’d be interested in writing an article for Blade Magazine on knife collector resources on the web. If you are a regular reader of CNJ, you know what my answer was. Well, I understand the article is in April’s edition and subscribers are starting to receive it now. 

Blade is a much needed resource for collectors of all types of knives. Really, the only thing I don’t like is having to wait for it each month and then for it to arrive by snail mail.

Blade and other traditional print pubs are the pull-up-to-the-table full-course meal, while CNJ is more the late night snack of collector news.

If you are checking out Cutlery News Journal for the first time, possibly as a result of this article, allow me to first say, “Welcome.”

One of the topics we have been looking into lately here at CNJ is  Who is today’s knife collector? And right now, we are conducting the 2009 Knife Community Survey and would like to have your participation.

So far, collectors from 8 knife forums; various email lists; local, state and national collector clubs and associations; and our regular CNJ subscribers have joined in. Plus, Jeff Smith, YouTube’s Cutlerylover, did a video broadcast to his subscribers and within 24 hours of him posting it over 800 knife enthusiasts from YouTube took the survey.

Thanks for checking out CNJ. After you have looked around, please take part in the survey.

And when you need a little late night snack, come on back.

Who is Today’s Knife Collector?


23_mysteryman_lglWho is today’s knife collector? Well, this much we know- the various associations’ membership doesn’t represent all the knife collectors in the Knife World. The universe of collectors is much larger.

To me anyone who has a couple of knives and likes them is a collector. They may only get one, or two, a year, but are every bit as much a collector as I am.

We also know there are tens of thousands of knife enthusiasts online. Many of these knife lovers aren’t a part of any established club or association, and yet they are very much a part of the knife collector community too. 


bladepollclubmembershipBy the way, did you notice the results of the recent Poll- over half indicated they are not part of any knife club or organization. 



It is for this reason last week we started the Knife Community Survey. We are not trying to stereotype collectors; instead we are trying to find out who they are today, and a little about them. These collectors are a part of our knife community too.

Thanks for helping out. And as you are out in the Knife World, please let others know about the survey.

The Joy of Knife Collecting

joy002It is a pleasure when I run into a knife collector sharing his joy for our hobby. Well, it happened again. 

I know “Joy” isn’t a word we often use when talking about knife collecting. Typically our hobby is associated with more manly words.

Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure. It is more commonly associated with things like- words in Christmas songs, evidence of one’s faith, and propagating, but knife collecting?! 

On his website, this collector tells the story of how and when he started collecting at a young age. He then describes a few of the antique knives still in his collection and that are kept in his cabinet- in everyday sight.

It was his expression of joy that stood out to me; it was very refreshing. He tells his story, and then ends with-

“Still, there is a certain childish joy I get when I look over at my antique knives there in the cabinet…. I know it (the joy) will never get old no matter how long I live.”


-Let us not allow the joy of knife collecting to get old either.