What’s in the works at Cutlery News Journal for the rest of this year

It’s not often I share our production schedule here at CNJ, but wanted to hit the highlights since we’re staring year-end in the face. I’m officially off work from my real job this week and next. That’s the good news. Unfortunately though, all the CNJ staff is taking off too.

What this means is- I’ll be here wearing all the hats for the rest of this year- research, writing, editing, layout, graphics and production. Makes me tired just to think about it. I’ve also promised to work on a video production with a knife company, finish some interviews for an upcoming series of articles on Knife Restoration (should be a fun and controversial topic) and research/write the first installment of the Knife Games Series.

In the meantime, I’ll be celebrating the holidays over at our Community Center at iKnifeCollector. We just reached 1000 members last week so our Christmas Party should be a real doozie. You are welcome to stick your head in if you are looking to play knives over the holidays. In fact, we’d love to see any knives you get for Christmas.

The day after Christmas my family is headed to Colorado. (I’m sure before it’s over it will be a cross between the Griswald’s European/Christmas Vacation and Planes, Trains and Automobiles ).  It’s our son’s senior year of high school, so we thought we’d better take some family time before he flies the coop. I managed to pull my oldest, a junior in college, away from her boyfriend, so she is going. And our other two daughters can’t wait to go (ages 16 & 13).

In case you are wondering why all the detail, I’m making excuses for why CNJ may….not publish any posts between Christmas and New Year’s Day. If you do find I’ve posted then you’ll know I needed a vacation from my vacation.

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