Should I be selling my knives or buying more?

dowjonesToday everyone watches the Dow as it if is the nation’s health barometer. They are trying to gleam insight for their business decisions and investment strategies. It is the worse case of navel gazing I have ever seen.

I know folks are looking for direction. In fact, several times a week, I am asked whether now is a good time to sale or buy real estate. My family has been in the real estate auction business for 94 years and many times we can see trends before they are obvious to the general public. We see who is selling, why they are selling and what they are selling. We also track the supply of various types of property nationally, plus we are able to see values real time.

I came across an authority in collectibles who wrote an interesting article. You may already be familiar with Harry Rinker. And while he is not be an expert in knives, per se, he is an expert on many types of collectibles.

Mr. Harry Rinker wrote an article for WorthPoint entitled Avoid Panic Selling: Find Great Bargains. I think his advice is sound.

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How do you decide to buy a knife for your collection?

Weekend Edition 

I am convinced now our subconscious has a mind of its own and makes us act on our wants. 

I have a story to tell you about a recent knife purchasing decision. It is on the CNJ YouTube Channel. Here is the link directly to it.

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