Cutlery News Journal celebrates its first birthday

Happy BirthdayCutlery News Journal is 1 year old! Yes, that’s right CNJ launched on 8.24.08. The CNJ staff and production team celebrated and sat around reminiscing last week. I gave them 10 minutes to enjoy the good ol’ days, then hurried them back to work. There’s lots of knife collector news out there to be covered.

By now our readers know CNJ isn’t a typical knife website. There are no knives for sale. No knife company behind the scenes pulling strings for preferred features. No knife reviews. No catering to advertisers. Nope. None. Nada of any of that.

CutleryNewsJoD07aR02aP13ZL_mdmCNJ is pure, unadulterated, knife collector freedom of speech. While we aren’t unopinioned, we try to report the news and interesting happenings from the knife world. We offer unique observations on trends as they affect knife collectors. And yes, we provide straightforward, no holds barred, editorials. You probably already know this- we like to have fun in some of our stories too.

CNJ served up 261 articles filed into 62 categories with 706 easily searchable tags.

Over the last year our knife collector news stories were viewed 52,494 times. CNJ now averages between 5000 to 5500 views a month.

What does this next year hold? Don’t know, but we are committed to bring you up to date knife collector and related news as it happens. It will be interesting as it unfolds. These are exciting times for collectors and the industry.

Thank you for your continued support!

Next up: Top Stories as ranked by the readers and a few of staff picks too!

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Tired of Knives That Just Go Cut?

musical-cake-slicerTruth can be stranger than fiction and from the “You gotta be kidding” category, how about a musical knife?

No, I’m not kidding. As featured at Gizmodo, this knife will play “Happy Birthday” while it cuts the cake. But if you don’t think it will ever fly, it really is more versatile and will also play “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and  “Jingle Bells.” Better order now before they are all gone. They are being sold at Presents for Men.

I know the song choices are a bit lame, but what if it played “Cuts like a Knife” (B. Adams), “Under the Knife” (Kansas), “Twist the Knife” (Toto), “Twist of a Knife” (ELO), “Knife-Edge” (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), or “Six Blade Knife” (Dire Straits)?”

The guys over at the Jerzee Devil forum told me if it played “Running with the Devil” (Van Halen) or the “Devil Inside” (INXS), then they’d be all over it.

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