Best Knife Forum on the Web Winner


Winner of the 2008 Best Knife Forum on the Web

Winner of the 2008 Best Knife Forum on the Web

I am pleased to announce Jerzee Devil the winner of the Best Knife Forum on the Web for 2008.

This contest was an international field and the lead changed hands several times over the last few weeks. Congratulations to Jerzee Devil!

Out of the 25,214 total votes cast, the Jerzee Devil forum rallied their members to get behind the contest and in the end they prevailed.

Second place goes to Armasblancas, a Spanish speaking custom knife forum. They also did an superb job of activating their members to vote and in the end this forum was only 4% behind the Jerzee Devils.

Third place was BritishBlades

Fourth place was

Fifth place was AllAboutPocketKnives

Both Jerzee Devil and Armasblancas very effectively rallied their members to support their forums…really it was very impressive.

Please drop by and congratulate Jerzee Devil as the the Best Knife Forum on the World Wide Web for 2008!

Thank you for participating in our contest. Remember for all your knife and industry news in a fresh and interesting format stay with Cutlery News Journal.

Knife Collecting, Knife Talk and the World Wide Web

In our recent post about knife forums- Knife Talk is Alive and Well – we pointed to the tremendous activity level of Knife Talk on the World Wide Web. It is interesting to see the sheer number of posts and replies posted on each knife forum.

You probably know CNJ started a Best Knife Forum of the Web poll that is running for the month of November. There is no doubt Knife Forums are the most popular knife “place” to go on the web.

Couple of interesting observations since we started the friendly contest. As of today, there have been almost 2000 over 3250 (11/11/08) 4500 (11/13/08 8:00 AM) 5664 (11/13/08 7:00 PM) site visits from the buzz at the various participating forums.  

forum de tous les couteaux Le petit affuté: forum de tous les couteaux

Something else happened too. We know the Web is worldwide and a French Knife Forum has joined in and started pounding the “Other” category. I felt it was only fair to add them to the list. Their name is NeoCZen.

Unfortunately, I only speak Southern, so you should have seen me trying to sign up as a member of their forum to let them know they were added to the list.

Google has Google Translator. I had to translate the instructions and “buttons” sentence by sentence. Then once I finally got registered I found the thread and posted “Votre forum a maintenant été ajouté à la liste. Mes excuses. Désolé pour ce désagrément, mais venir voter à nouveau, si vous le souhaitez. Bonne chance”

You know how funny it is to hear stories about words being translated and how they can have totally different meanings than are intended, well, hopefully I didn’t say something like- I like to eat dog or something stupid like that.

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CNJ Featured Knife Website Series

Introducing the CNJ Featured Knife Website Series.

The presence of knife websites and online collecting resources, including blogs, is growing almost daily. One of our goals here at CNJ is to help make us aware of them and what they offer collectors.

Twice a month we will feature a knife related website of interest to knife enthusiasts and will include sites by collectors, dealers, manufacturers, and knifemakers.

Some will be new sites and some you may be familiar with, depending on when you first started using the web in your pursuit of our hobby.

Each featured site will be reviewed- pointing out the primary purpose of the site, as viewed from a new visitor’s perspective, and what it has to offer collectors. 

When possible, the owner of the site will be contacted for commentary.

There are hundreds of knife sites on the web, so I ask for your help in identifying them. Don’t assume I know about one of your favorites. Just jot it down below and hit send. Thanks! (more…)

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