Sixth Grader Kicked Out Of School For Knife In Her Purse

Here we go again. Got another case of a school grossly overreacting and guess what- it didn’t happen in Massachusetts or California. No, it happened a little closer to home for me- yeap, right here in Sweet Home Alabama.

The incident when down like this- a sixth grade girl was suspended for 103 days because she brought a knife to school in her purse.

The story, as reported on WKRP TV, has the typical tit for tat with the school officials defending the severity of their decision- based it on the character of the child, previous discipline- even going back to the young lady’s kindergarten records, and statements obtained by her teacher and other children.

Play-doh set with knife

Good grief- they are using her behavior as a 5-year-old to defend suspending her as a 12-year-old.

What did she do back then- cut up another little girl’s play-doh doll with the little plastic knife that comes with the set?

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Photoblog: Collecting, a Pocket Knife & a Field of Rocks

Weekend Journal

Have you ever seen a field of boulders where each rock appears individually carved (as in whittled) in different shapes? Today’s post is a photoblog– a blog of pictures. But before I show you the amazing shapes of the rocks, I have to tell you…

If you don’t know me very well, I started my early collecting days with rocks. As I matured in my collecting preferences, I limited myself to rocks with holes through them- hence my tag line “…having as much fun as I did as a kid collecting rocks.”

My family and I went on a Bouldering trip at Horse Pens 40, one of the most famous sites in the world. It is located about 30 minutes from my house. Also, I equipped myself with an elephant toenail knife (that I never used…but had it nonetheless).

I wanted you to see these rocks for two reasons: The rocks themselves- each looked like it had been hand carved. The second reason is- so you will know I do have a life outside of CNJ and

Click on any photo to enlarge


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Knife Collecting and Sweet Home Alabama

You probably know by now, I jump at any chance to spend time enjoying our knife collecting hobby. 

This past Saturday morning, October 4th, I had the chance to attend one of Case’s President’s Tour Events. With the demands on the home front and my real job, I don’t often have the opportunity to go to knife shows or events, but with this one being about 80 miles from my hometown down here in sweet home Alabama, I worked it out to go.

The Case event was held in Parrish, a small town 30 minutes NW of Birmingham, Alabama. Shelby (my mustang) and I arrived about 9:20 and I was not surprised to find a line of collectors stretching out into the parking lot.


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