We know about the run on guns, now what about knives?

Prior to the recent presidential election we witnessed a run on guns and ammo. Actually, the increased demand for guns is still going on, as we reported here on CNJ. Now, with hyper-attention on our government’s attempt to ban knives of all sorts, is there a reason to stockpile our favorite EDC’s?

It is difficult to sort out fact from fear pertaining to the gun scare, for example. We witnessed the same when Clinton was elected- in fact, I am the proud owner of two prized possessions (hand and semi-auto) as a direct result of the anticipated move by the gov then. We see the same taking place, but the difference now is our knives are also the target.

The extreme left positioned sitting prez sees the time is now to stop all weapons used in crimes- all to appease the liberal left. The “love not war” crowd. The “let’s not govern ourselves, individually- cause we can’t- so let’s let our Gov do it to for us”- crowd.

So, where does all this leave us? Should be be stockpiling our favorite EDC’s, not to mention survival/tactical knives, in case we need to defend ourselves- knowing one day all we will have access to could be the infamous miniature red Swiss Army Knives?

Yes, it will be at the risk of being branded as militants- a part of hard core, anti-gov crowd, but do we do it anyway, or do we trust the folks in Congress to do the right thing and stand for the will of the people and fight this to the end?

Well, what if the will of the people is to restrict knives further and Congress actually supports further restrictions and knife bans? Have you thought about that? If this happens, then where does that then leave us?

OK, so just how many people own a pocket knife?

Sometimes we think the number of users and collectors of pocket knives are a decreasing lot. All the reasons for the “why” fewer folks have an everyday carry, isn’t the point here- instead, we can feel we’re all alone and everyone else is anti-blade.

In some cases, we’ve also allowed “society” to regulate us into a corner, all the while attempting to cast a stigma upon us for wanting to own our blades. Commonly, we are viewed as the outcast- the rebels, almost the militants of our society- all because we choose to own a knife.

And yet, do you realize just how many people across this great country of ours own a knife?

The American Knife and Tool Institute provided me the stats. Allow me to say, we are not alone.

35.6 Million Households Own Pocket Knives

24.8 Million own Hunting Knives

Lots of other folks are there- you just haven't noticed

Lots of other folks are there- you just haven't noticed

Folks, I don’t care how you slice it- that’s a lot of fellow knife owners. So, next time you feel like you are the last man standing- the last one holding out who is a knife owner- look to your right and then your left. Then glance behind you. You are not alone at all.

State Officials Canvass Recent Knife & Gun Show

oregonknifeclubshowHow would you like to be walking up and down the aisles of a show only to have half a dozen government officials all of a sudden barge in and then come up to you?

That is what happened recently at a show in Lubbock, Texas, as reported in the Lubbock Avalanche- Journal.

Representatives of the Comptroller’s Office of the Texas came in and went around approaching people who were there asking if they had a sales tax permit, including buyers, who were approached and asked if they were planning on selling any of the items they purchased.

While the state said it is a common practice to canvass events such as this, folks at the show felt intimidated by the officials’ tactics.

Interesting story. It goes on to say, a lawyer was called in on behalf of the show promoter resulting in the officials packing it up and leaving rather quickly after only an hour of being there.

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Positive Press Against Zero Tolerance for Knives

It’s not very often we see positive press about how ridiculous things are getting here in the US when it comes to outlawing knives.

Maureen Downey of AJC

Maureen Downey of AJC

I am very pleased to report Maureen Downey, a writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, did a piece, earlier this week, entitled-  Zero tolerance doesn’t always add up.

The aspect of this story I like the most is her own experience motivated her to speak out. It didn’t result from a Knife Rights, or knife company, press release. I’ll let you read her account, but will quote her on this important point about the Zero Tolerance stance, especially in the context of our schools.

“…..it also eliminates common sense and discretion, and can make school officials appear inane.”

Unfortunately, what we see most of the time are writers jumping on the “knives are weapons” and should be outlawed bandwagon- purely in the abstract.

Let’s applaud Maureen for taking what could be viewed as an unpopular position.

Since I am from Alabama, I had to look up “inane” and it means stupid or silly.

3000 knives destroyed

What if back 100 years ago the federal government outlawed knives and then began a wave of sting operations to round them up from its citizens. If this were to have happened, we probably wouldn’t have any, or many, vintage knives left to collect.

knives2-474-300x254Tackling Knives Action Programme is an intensive, cross-government action to reduce knife crimes in the UK, and yet, it is picking up knives of all types, except kitchen cutlery. Among its focus is carrying out home visits (interpretation: home raids) to locate knives.

The official gov site is proud of:

“Since it began, police have conducted more than 150,000 stop and searches and seized 3,000 knives, according to provisional Government figures. Cautioning (warnings) across the country is down and use of custody and tough community sentences is up. In London alone, over 90% of people caught with a knife are being charged.”

The progress report of this operation further states they have “tested” 1300 shops to see if they would sell knives to the under-aged. Exactly what I anticipated in my post on why the third largest retailer in the UK quit selling knives.

abuseJust so there is no misunderstanding here, I am against knife crime, but I am also against folks breaking little kid’s hearts with verbal abuse, but I don’t see anyone’s tongue getting cut out.

And what about folks getting killed by automobiles and cars aren’t against the law, yet, except for black ones, in California anyway.

Public works program paid folks to whittle

Federal program funded whittlers.

Federal program funded whittlers.

Did you know back during the Depression our government spent money to kick start our economy by hiring the unemployed to whittle? I’m serious.

President Franklin Roosevelt responded to the crisis with a series of programs to put the 10 million able-bodied unemployed to work with the “alphabet” relief programs- the Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA), the Public Works Administration (PWA) and the Civil Works Administration (CWA). In 1934, these programs were replaced by the Works Progess Administration (WPA).

The WPA was distinguished from the earlier programs by its inclusion of the unemployed writers, teachers, librarians and artists. Federal Project Number One of the WPA was designed to document American art and culture, and included paying painters to paint our history. Part of “Federal One” was to celebrate and legitimize American art- homegrown art, including folks art, murals, theater and music.

Farmer & his dog- Fred Myers Whittler

Farmer & his dog- Fred Myers

Fred Myers- Historic Figures and Common Men

This artist participated in federal art programs in the 1930s and early 1940s. Myers was a coal miner, who began his artistic career by whittling. When the mines closed during the Great Depression, Myers worked to perfect his whittling skills. He was one of several artists the University Museum hired through the Works Progress Administration. He worked for the museum from 1939 until 1942, carving historic figures and prehistoric animals. The museum has 25 of his sculptures.

UK’s third largest retailer stops selling knives and the power of political correctness


Other UK companies will now be forced to jump on the bandwagon too

There comes a point when companies bow to the pressure of political correctness. On Friday, the third largest retailer in the UK announced it will no longer sell knives at its stores.

The company voluntarily made this decision even though knives aren’t banned, yet there is a political movement to rid the country of knives. Pressure has been growing for months now for the retailers to stop selling knives. And as recently reported here on CNJ,  eBay caved to the pressure there by voluntarily banning its knife sales too.

The East of England Co-op operates stores throughout the country. The chief executive for the company said all the politically correct PR spin when making this announcement, but the truth is had they not made this decision-

  1. Their stores would be subjected to never-ending sting operations to try to get their clerks to sell to minors
  2. The company would be viewed as contributing to knife crimes
  3. It would have cost the company more money in the long run

What does the UK have to do with the US?

The PC crowd here in the US has already successfully associated knives with weapons. That was the first step.

Mr. Obama presenting the "Doing the Right Thing Award"

Mr. Obama would present the "Doing the Right Thing Award"

Now imagine, as a result of political correctness pressure, WalMart (Sears, Lowes or Home Depot) announcing it would no longer sell knives. They’d be hailed as hero’s- looking out for the best interest of the country, over their own. I’ll bet our President would even give them the “Doing the Right Thing Award.”

Here’s where the power of political correctness is magnified-

Do you think the other large retailers would want to be viewed as not doing the right thing?

Of course they wouldn’t. And pressure would mount for them to stop selling knives too. They would probably be boycotted by shoppers. They’d be labeled- greedy capitalistic companies– companies that are not only contributing to, but are even profiting from, knife violence and youth deaths.

All it would take is for one medium to large company here in the US to stand up and say “No more knife sales at our stores” for it to sweep our nation too. It could even be started by an international retailer with a US presence.

It would be the snowball effect from there. The other companies unfortunately would be stuck in the- “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situation. And I think I know what their final decision would be. More getting on the bandwagon.

Then the politicians jump in

Politicians would jump on the bandwagon in a heartbeat

Politicians would jump on the bandwagon in a heartbeat

If this situation played out, it would also provide an opportune platform for our politicians to get on the bandwagon too. They’d propose a national knife law.

I can hear their rhetoric now- “While this is an unpopular decision as knives have been a important part of American heritage, nevertheless, it is the “right thing to do for the youth of our country.” Blah, Blah, Blah.

Meanwhile the bandwagon is packed out.

If this scenario came to fruition here in the US, as it appears it is in the UK, it would illustrate the power of political correctness to take down entire industries, and in this case, it would be the knife industry.

Photo credits:Kennedy -Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images, Obama- AP/Alex Brandon

Open Letter From eBay to their Sellers & the Internet Sales Tax

Here is an open letter I received from eBay on the Internet Sales Tax

Tell Congress, “No New Net Taxes”

Internet Sales Taxes- Your costs go up. Your buyer’s costs go up. You are required to comply with the same tax laws as the nation’s largest retailers. This scenario could soon become a reality.

The sales tax laws governing today’s Internet and catalog retailers are simple: If you sell something to a person living in your state, you collect sales tax. If that customer doesn’t live in your state, you don’t collect the tax. However, a number of state governments and the biggest retail giants in America are planning an aggressive lobbying campaign to change the law. They want to require small retailers to operate like the biggest retail chains, collecting taxes everywhere.

We all know times are tough and state governments are looking for more tax money. Likewise, big retailers see an opportunity to gain a competitive edge by imposing new costs and higher prices on their smallest competitors. Luckily, the tax ground-rules can’t be changed without congressional action. There’s still time to stand up and be counted. If you think adding a new tax burden on small Internet retailers is a bad idea, now is the time to make your voice heard. Click here to send a letter to your U.S. Representative and Senators today.”


My take is this: Raising taxes, whether on Internet Sales, or to “reduce the deficit,” that has seemingly become a high priority within the last week, is pure economic suicide right now.

The gov. is trying to get folks to spend money to kick start the economy. It is trying to raise consumer confidence. So, is it a good idea for the gov. to then take the taxpayers’ money-  including the money the gov. is “giving” back to the taxpayers through the so-called stimulus package? Sounds to me like we’re playing the “guess which hand?” game. They hope the taxpayers might eventually get confused enough to actually think it really is the gov’s money that is being taken back anyway….

Maybe one day I’ll tell you how I really feel about this mess we’re in. 


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Gun & Ammo Record Breaking Sales Continue

800px-houston_gun_show_at_the_george_r_brown_convention_centerWithout getting into the politics of it, have you been following the stories on gun sales in the last couple of weeks?

CNJ ran a story a month and a half ago, and it appears the gun and ammo sales are still up measurably.

The contributing factors are two-fold according to Victor Bean, the organizer of the show held last Saturday in Jax, FL.

The Jacksonville.com news reports-

“Bean attributed what he called a record turnout and the massive upswing in business to two factors — a rumored crackdown on gun ownership by the incoming Obama administration and a possible rise in crime precipitated by the economy’s sharp downturn.”

 I suspect, being a “gun show promoter,” he is hyping it for his next show, but according to the Jax paper attendance on Saturday was 5000 folks- up from about 2000 in Sept for the same show.

Here’s another from this past weekend in Louisville. Different show circuit. Different promoter. Kenny Woods’ Gun & Knife Show

Here’s what Google News has pulled back on the increase of gun and ammo sales, as of 8:42 Monday nite. It is kinda scary actually.

So, what does this spending money on ammo and guns mean for knife sales? Not sure, but one retailer said, his knife sales were down. He attributed it to folks spending their money on guns right now.

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