NKCA’s Vice President to assume President’s duties for a time

David Mullins NKCA Vice President

David Mullins NKCA Vice President

David Mullins, the National Knife Collectors Association’s Vice President will be heading up the organization for a few months. Perry Miller, the NKCA’s President has taken a 6 month leave of absence for health reasons.

I sat down with David on Saturday at the Dalton Show to discuss this short-term change. It was made clear to me that David expects Perry to take back the reins of the association in a few months. David plans to carry on with the agenda established by the leadership earlier this year.

He will not assume the office of president, as Perry will continue to hold the title during this temporary period, however, David will take on the duties.

David is a veteran knife collector and long-time NKCA member. He joined the association in 1974.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Perry. In the meantime, David’s steady hands are at the helm.

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Katie Shonts named historian at W R Case

Katie and Fred Feightner

Katie and Fred Feightner cutting up for me in 2006

If you are a case fan, then I know you were sad, as I was, to see Shirley retire as Case’s historian back a couple of months ago. But like the old Case Brothers (1896- 1914) slogan from around the turn of the last century says, “The dawn of a better day breaketh.”

Katie Shonts is now Case’s new historian and archivist. She started with Case some 16 years ago and will be a valuable asset to collectors. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Katie related to Case’s auctions in Bradford. She will do great in this new role too.

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Collecting advice from a seasoned collector

Having to experince a thing for yourself is very slow learning

"valuable lessons there are. teach yourself without having to experience"

A wise man learns from the experiences of others.

I value having the opportunity to learn from the advice of others that will save time, money and increase my enjoyment of this wonderful hobby.

Today, I want to share a short interview with collector Roger Pinnock as he shares important lessons with Dan Farr at Blademag.com

If you value learning from others without having to experience a thing firsthand, here is sound counsel for new and seasoned collectors alike.

The post is entitled- A Tour de Force of Knife Collecting. Thanks Dan for sharing Roger’s experience with us.

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Weird things people collect

napanochcatadreszedBeing a collector of an odd and peculiar old pocket knife called an Elephant Toenail I best not throw rocks, but some of the stuff people collect is just plain weird.

Unusual Collections and Museums

  1. Virtual Museum of CigarBox Art
  2. Payphones of the World
  3. Zymoglyphic Virtual Museum
  4. Banana Museum
  5. Toaster Museum
  6. Burlingame Museum of Pez
  7. Fortune Cookie Collection
  8. Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Virtual Museum
  9. Martin’s Owl Collection
  10. The Pretzel Museum
  11. Zippo (lighters) Gallery
  12. Gallery of Monster Toys
  13. Crushed Pennies Collections
  14. International Museum of Toilets
  15. Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum
  16. Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
  17. Mad Martian Museum of Modern Madness
  18. Virtual Museum of Electrical Things
  19. Wooden Nickel Museum
  20. Vintage Handcuffs
  21. Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters
  22. Gallery of Obscure Patents
  23. Museum of Odd Socks
  24. Vintage Synthesizer Museum
  25. ACME Company Catalog of Products
  26. Virtual Museum of Mad Magazine Covers
  27. Barf Bags Collection
  28. Marz’s Bandaid Collection
  29. Toast Portraits of Famous People


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Pocket knife credited for saving man’s life

090211024524_truck_unstuckMaple Grove, Minn- Last week a driver who fell through the ice credits his pocket knife for helping save his life.

David Gangelhoff was delivering a truck load of sand across the Fish Lake which usually is 2 feet thick when his truck hit a patch of thin ice causing his truck to sink like a rock with him inside.

Once his cab filled with water David was able to swim out of his open window, but once he reached the surface he had to use the knife to pull up from the water.

Video story from Fox 9 clearly points to knife saving his life.

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The Joy of Knife Collecting

joy002It is a pleasure when I run into a knife collector sharing his joy for our hobby. Well, it happened again. 

I know “Joy” isn’t a word we often use when talking about knife collecting. Typically our hobby is associated with more manly words.

Joy is defined as a feeling of great pleasure. It is more commonly associated with things like- words in Christmas songs, evidence of one’s faith, and propagating, but knife collecting?! 

On his website, this collector tells the story of how and when he started collecting at a young age. He then describes a few of the antique knives still in his collection and that are kept in his cabinet- in everyday sight.

It was his expression of joy that stood out to me; it was very refreshing. He tells his story, and then ends with-

“Still, there is a certain childish joy I get when I look over at my antique knives there in the cabinet…. I know it (the joy) will never get old no matter how long I live.”


-Let us not allow the joy of knife collecting to get old either.


The Thrill of Victory

Weekend Edition

wide-worldDo you remember ABC’s Wide World of Sports? It was a TV series that first aired in 1961. Jim McKay hosted it. “The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat” was its opening line and there was this shot of this long jumper missing the end of the jump. I can see it like it was yesterday.

We love sports. They are a great recreation and pastime- regardless of whether we are a spectator or in the game.

But, have you ever thought of yourself as being a sportsman (or sportswoman)? No, maybe you don’t sky dive or race cars, but do you know, you are a sportsman too? 

A sport is typically thought of as a practice requiring physical or mental activity with a competitive element. Most of us think of sports as football, basketball and baseball. But we all know various forms of hunting are as much a sport as is running 20 miles.

There is big game hunting, duck hunting, and deer hunting, to name a few. And while not commonly thought of in this way, but even fishing is a form of hunting.

The Sport of Knife Collecting

Have you ever thought of knife collecting as a sport? Well it is. It has all the elements. Plus, how many times have you personally experienced “the thrill of victory” after a hunt; a hunt that could have lasted days, months or even years. 

Gary Pasko's Trophies

Gary Pasko's Trophies

“I love the hunt” is a common expression among knife collectors. I hear it all the time. It is the fun part.

In fact, just last week, Gary Pasko, a 29 year knife collecting veteran told me this and his wonderful displays are filled with his hunting trophies. 

“It’s not having the knife, it’s just an object. But finding it….the thrill of the hunt, and researching it. That is where the gold is for me.”  Gary Pasko  

Interesting isn’t it? Gary actually referred to the gold. We are Olympians. We are after the prize -the gold metal, if you will.

It is the thrill of the hunt that for many of us is what it is all about….We are always “in the game” – researching, prospecting, seeking the next prize. Athletes will tell you, it is all about “the game.” The contest. Winning. Being the Victor.

We too are out there in the game everyday. I can tell you without even having to think about it there are at least 5 specific knives I am constantly hunting for. I’m actively looking for leads, talking to folks and trying to run down these knives.

Then comes the thrill of victory.

…and along the way we acquire a mighty fine collection of knives- our trophies.

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The Next Generation of Knife Collectors Part II

The Knife Collecting Underground

The Next Generation

The Next Generation

There is an ongoing conversation among the knife collecting leadership today about how to find and attract the next generation of knife collectors (ages 15- 25ish). Obviously, because they are the future of our hobby and they are not participating in the organized collecting establishment today.

As first reported here on CNJ, this next generation represents an almost “underground establishment.”

Exclusive CNJ Interview

Scheduled to be aired tomorrow in an exclusive CNJ interview is a celebrity among these online collectors.

This 23 year old admitted he has never been to a major knife show. He is not a member of any organized knife club. And he spends hours a day answering knife questions and giving suggestions. He told me the majority of the questions come from “kids” who are younger than him.

I can’t wait for you to meet him in this exclusive interview. You will find him very interesting. He represents the next generation of atypical collectors. These are the collectors our associations are looking for and we didn’t even know they were there.


The New Influencers

The Knife Establishment had better sit up and take notice because he represents the New Influencers (as defined and written about by Paul Gillin in The New Influencers- A Marketer’s Guide to the New Social Media).

And, oh yeah, he has over 3000 knife enthusiasts following his online knife activities.

Source for image: Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers: modern digital art, 3D artists, computer desktop backgrounds.