The Upcoming Presidential Election and Your Knife Rights

There are reported to be over 100 million individuals across the Country who own, carry or collect knives today. Most of us enjoy this right without much thought as to it being a privilege provided to us under the United States Constitution. 

Folks who keep their fingers on the pulse of constitutional law say this upcoming Presidential election will in no uncertain terms threaten this often taken for granted right.

Doug Ritter, founder of Knife Rights (a knife rights advocacy group), one of the folks working on our behalf, is pounding the drum warning knife manufacturers, makers and owners of this impending infringement.

With the election only three weeks away, it is time, if you haven’t, to study this important issue.

Doug has addressed this issue in detail for us here.

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UK Officials on alert for Wasp Knife in Prisons

As reported in the Telegraph recently, British officials are now on the alert for the existence of a plot to smuggle the “Wasp” knife into their prison system. 

The Prison Service said: “Security procedures are dynamic and intelligence-led, and every establishment is made aware of the potential risk to security.”

As introduced in various monthly knife magazines earlier this year , The WASP Injection Knife injects a freezing cold ball of compressed gas, about the size of a basketball, at 800psi nearly instantly.

This is an American-made knife and the company’s website states: “The effects of the compressed gas freezes all tissues and organs surrounding the point of injection.”

For you who haven’t seen the Watermelon vs. The Wasp video on youtube, here it is.  

Model shown: WASP A/12-N w/ Max Adapter Kit and a Tapered Red Disposable Handle 

Personally, I would rather just be shot than frozen and exploded with this knife, but from a collector’s point of view the handles do come in different colors.

In case you are wondering, this knife is marketed to Special Op’s Troops (Land and Sea), Downed Pilots, Survival kits, SWAT members and Security Guards.

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