Hunting ain’t no fun when you can’t find the game

liarHow many times since you started collecting have you heard fellow knife enthusiasts say they love “The Hunt?”  You immediately know they are referring to the time spent diligently searching for the next knife to add to their collection. Well, I’m here to tell you, if you don’t know it already- they are lying through their teeth.

Yes, I’m going to tell a dirty little secret. And one that none of the others have the manhood (s0rry ladies) to admit-

Hunting ain’t no fun- not at all.

Don’t get me wrong, they love to find a knife to add to their collection, and I do too, but that ASSUMES we do in fact- find it. In my mind though, “the hunt” is over at that point.

There are only a few things I enjoy more than getting a new knife to add to my collection. You know, you get home with it. Carefully unwrap it. Then sit there gazing over it like it is the Hope Diamond or something. Not even wanting to open and close it too much, so it doesn’t wear. Then gingerly placing it in the display, like hanging a trophy mount on the wall.

hunterSure, the kill, if you want to call it that- the bagging of the knife- is fun, but we had to find it first, so maybe we best break “hunting” down- I guess we can call the first part, “the hunt” and the second, “the kill.”  I enjoy bagging the object of my desire just as much as the next guy, but it is the hunting part I hate.

I’m not talking about just casually out looking around and happening to see a knife to buy here. Nor am I talking about simply window shopping as if any knife will do for the next kill. No, I’m talking about hunting for a specific knife. A particular knife that I have already decided to buy…..if I can just find the doggone thing. To me nothing is more frustrating than to have already mentally bought it (and spent the $$$, at least in my mind) and then not able to find the sucker. There is no way knife guys and gals enjoy this part, unless they are into pain, so they mask how they really feel by telling us, “Oh, I love the hunt.”

In case you are wondering what set me off today. Well, I’m starving- that’s where I am right now. I’m “hunting” for a knife that I’ve got months into and still can’t find one. I keep hitting dead-ends. I’ll get a lead on one and then run it down only to find it already sold. I scouted the entire 8 hundred- million square feet of Blade Show. I’ve posted at iKnifeCollector and knife forums, saved the search on eBay with email notices, emailed dealers and looked at more “dealer” websites that I care to admit. At this point, I simply don’t know what else to do. I think I’m going to pass out from malnutrition.

skeletonwgunIf I was hunting to eat, I’d be major skin and bones- probably eyeing my fellow hunter ’bout right now too.

So, let’s all come clean….if for nothing else, but to make me feel better anyway.

And please don’t tell me I’m just a impulsive compulsive knife collector who is too preoccupied with finding knives to enjoy knife collecting.


I’ll leave it at this- the next time one of our fellow collectors comes strolling up to me telling me how much fun he’s having out hunting for his next trophy knife, you may be reading about me jumping on him right then and there. The next day’s headlines will read- “Knife collector goes berserk and attacks fellow collector.”

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Just the knife for hard yard work

hori-hori-knifeFound me the ultimate manly man’s yard knife.

It is called the Hori Hori Knife (click to see video). Made in either stainless steel or carbon.

They are made to pry out weeds, dig up rocks, cut roots, saw small branches, plant bulbs, bust up Alabama red clay and fun stuff like that. Plus, it has a measurement marking so I can measure things, I guess.

Word has it they originated in Japan back long ago as a tool to pry up Bonsai trees.

hori-horiIt’s just right for those hot summer days when I have weeds to pull, roots to cut or want to edge my driveway- by hand.

I know you think I’m joking about this knife- well maybe a little bit, but I did order me one last night.

Next up in the series on yard knives- the dibber. This one is kinda cool too, isn’t it?


Cutlery News Journal’s Entire Staff & Production Team

Weekend Edition (continued)

I reserve the right to write about whatever I want in the Weekend Editions. Sometimes the stories are off-the-wall, a bit eccentric, but usually follow a lighter, less serious, tone than in the weekday editions.

But today, I must come clean with you about something, especially if you are a regular reader.

One of the prerogatives of a writer is to add humor knowing the reader may or may not catch it. I do this often and my references to the CNJ staff is an example. I chuckle when I write about them in my posts. This tongue-in-cheek humor isn’t intended to mislead anyone, instead it is added because I think it is funny.

You may recall in the last post of 2008, the entire staff of CNJ wished you a Happy New Year. In the 2009 Shot Show post I mentioned that all of the CNJ reporters were out in the field on assignments, therefore we weren’t able to cover it and in the Dalton Show post, how excited the staff and crew were about going to work our first-ever table at a knife show.

CNJ Group photo taken at the NKCA's Dalton Knife Show

CNJ Group photo taken at the NKCA's Dalton Knife Show, and yes, I am the only exhibitor with a computer on my table- and no knives

Well, if you don’t know by now- then I must confess- I am the staff, crew, roving reporters, researchers, workers, publisher, editor, writers and janitor here at CNJ.

Yes, it is a lot of energy, but my reward is knowing you are finding the site useful, humorous, informative and sometimes even thought provoking, as we travel down the path of life together.

And to you who have wondered- I do have a full-time job, along with a wife and 4 kids, plus I try to remember to stop and smell the roses everyday too.

In the future, when you see a reference in one of my posts to the CNJ staff,  reporters or production team, then you can chuckle with me too.

Enjoy the Day!

A new study proposes knives need to be less pointed

From the You Really Aren’t Going To Believe This Department

A recent article published in The Economist cites a knife study to suggest fewer people will die from knife wounds if the knives are duller.

Here’s the story.

41ytbymt-1l_ss500_Dr. Hainsworth, a forensic-engineering specialist at the University of Leicester, has concluded knife tips that are sharp will cut more than knife tips that aren’t as sharp. 

Dr. Hainsworth’s team conducted tests on a pig carcass because it evidently has some similarities to human skin.

They studied the wounds made by different blades as they were dropped on the pig.  


While there is some technical mumbo jumbo about which part of the knife does the most damage- they concluded it is the radius of the tip.

CNJ Translation- The more pointed the tip the less force it takes to penetrate the skin.

The study calls for a systematic redesign of knives so the tips won’t be so pointed, thus will be safer.


Obviously, I am really missing something here.

Now, I know we don’t advocate sticking folks’ skin, as most of us here are knife collectors, but still dull knives defeat the point, wouldn’t you say?

big-tooth-pig2-798260And yes, a less sharp knife will not cut as well as a more sharp one will.

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Valentine’s Day Gift

Weekend Edition


Wrong place at wrong time

Wrong place at wrong time

Some gifts are romantic, some gifts are sweet, some gifts are thoughtful and others are just bad luck.

It has long been a superstition that it is bad luck to give a knife to your sweetheart.

Here’s the tale: (more…)

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OK, OK, I am finally getting an EDC


Last week, one of our CNJ readers posted a comment about me being a uber geek. Now, I need to clear the air of a couple of things.

While I took no offense, I want to make sure you know I am equally passionate about knives.

I have to confess though I do get pretty excited about all things Mac (Apple Computers). I have a blast playing on my computer, publishing CNJ, and chatting with fellow collectors on forums, YouTube and by email.

I also know I tend to foster the geek image as a result of me taking it upon myself years ago to promote the fun of our hobby via the World Wide Web.

Computer nerd posing as a knife collector

The members of know a dark secret I shared a few years ago. It is one that has made some folks think I am really just a computer nerd posing as a knife collector. 

So, in an effort to set the record straight- I’ll tell you too.

I don’t have an EDC (and never have). I did buy one off eBay specifically as an EDC, but couldn’t bring myself to carry it…it was a used Case XX redbone toenail. I’m just too much of a collector to bring myself to use it.

Now, if you don’t know what an EDC is I am sorry, but I won’t further embarrass myself by explaining what it is.

I could sit here and give you all the reasons/excuses for why I don’t have one (travel a lot, don’t get into “cutting” situations often, etc, etc.,), but the EDC situation is a bit more problematic for me because my favorite knife isn’t easily carried in my britches pocket, OK?

The Problem Is Now Solved

Well, I think I have solved the problem now. I found a knife I want for Christmas (another one actually). From here out I will be able to hold my head up high around all my knife friends.

All will now know I am really not a computer nerd posing as a knife collector because I will be a card carrying member of the EDC Club.

With that said, I’d like to introduce my EDC:


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Collecting- A Psychological Perspective

Weekend Edition



Have you ever thought about why you are a collector?

You know the- why you collect, where your passion comes from, and how you felt when you found, and bought, the last addition to your collection? 

I know, men don’t typically like introspection one bit, but check this out-


Some years ago I was looking for books on collecting. I wanted to find information on collectors and why they collect what they do. Sounds like exciting reading doesn’t it?

Well I found COLLECTING: AN UNRULY PASSION-Psychological Perspectives by Werner Muensterberger. It was exactly what I was looking for, or so I thought.



Instead of me writing a review about what I think the author is saying, allow me to use this shrink’s own words-  

“Collectors themselves- dedicated, serious, infatuated, beset- cannot explain or understand this often all-consuming drive, nor can they call a halt to their habit. Many are aware of a chronic restiveness that can be curbed only by more finds or yet another acquisition.”

Then he closes out the first chapter with- 

“I have followed the trail of these emotional conditions in the life histories of many collectors. They reveal the need of the phallic-narcissistic personality. They like to pose or make a spectacle of their possessions. But one soon realizes that these possessions, regardless of their value or significance, are but stand-ins for themselves.

One more quote-

“And while they (Collectors) use their objects for inner security and outer applause, their deep inner function is to screen off self doubt and unassimilated memories.”

Talk about DEPRESSING!!  This Muensterberger guy must have been someone who was outbid at the last minute on eBay (a victim of being sniped). If this dude had called me I would have told him upfront that I was nuts and saved him a lifetime of studying to figure it out.

Anyone here interested in joining the Knife Collectors Anonymous?

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Confession is good for the soul: I am an auctionholic

Weekend Edition (continued)

OK, it won’t be easy, but I’ll start our group session today. My name is Scott King and I am an auctionholic.

I just can’t help myself

When I get around an auction and hear the rhythm of the auctioneer’s chant something happens (like what happens to the hulk… except I don’t turn green and bulk up…instead, I just start raising my hand).

dadandmeActually, it is a genetic thing. I grew up going to auctions. I remember when I was 10 years old standing up on the podium with my father while he was auctioning. Yes, my father was an auctioneer, as was his father, and as was his father. It is an understatement to simply say auctions are in my blood. If I’m not involved with putting on the auction, then I have to buy something.

So, all the way back to 1915 and for 4 generations (Yes, I’m an auctioneer too, as is my brother and younger sister) we have been auctioneers.

Last Friday’s Knife Auction

Last Friday evening I posted I was going to Bruce Voyles’ Knife Auction.voylesauction Yeah, I knew better than to go. I had already determined there was nothing I was interested in, but what else did I have to do while out of town on a Friday night? Plus, I was so busy at the knife show playing CNJ I hadn’t bought anything.

How many times have you gone to a knife auction and ended up starting a new collection? Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but like I said when I go to an auction I have to buy something. Well, something I did buy.

To save you from the lot by lot, increment by increment (auctioneer’s lingo) description, I started off by buying a broken Marbles Folding Hunter…don’t ask why, but it was the beginning of me falling off the wagon. Mark Zalesky just rolled his eyes at me when he saw I was the high bidder on the MSA.

Now that I was off the wagon

Then I proceeded to start a folding hunter collection. In the story: How do you go about deciding to buy a knife? I had unsuccessfully tried to impulsively buy a half dozen of them earlier this month.

I guess impulse is a good word for what happened to this auctionholic, cause once I was off the wagon, I won the high bid for the Napanoch, Cattaraugus, Kabar, New York Knife Co., and Robeson folding hunters (well that is not entirely true cause I was out of the room when the Napanoch and Robeson were sold, so I had to buy them after the auction off of the guy who had bought them)…..yeah, but they are really cool and old and have great bone handles

So, what about you? Confession is good for the soul.

The topic at our next group session will be eBay auctions. 🙂

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Tired of Knives That Just Go Cut?

musical-cake-slicerTruth can be stranger than fiction and from the “You gotta be kidding” category, how about a musical knife?

No, I’m not kidding. As featured at Gizmodo, this knife will play “Happy Birthday” while it cuts the cake. But if you don’t think it will ever fly, it really is more versatile and will also play “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and  “Jingle Bells.” Better order now before they are all gone. They are being sold at Presents for Men.

I know the song choices are a bit lame, but what if it played “Cuts like a Knife” (B. Adams), “Under the Knife” (Kansas), “Twist the Knife” (Toto), “Twist of a Knife” (ELO), “Knife-Edge” (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), or “Six Blade Knife” (Dire Straits)?”

The guys over at the Jerzee Devil forum told me if it played “Running with the Devil” (Van Halen) or the “Devil Inside” (INXS), then they’d be all over it.

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How do you decide to buy a knife for your collection?

Weekend Edition 

I am convinced now our subconscious has a mind of its own and makes us act on our wants. 

I have a story to tell you about a recent knife purchasing decision. It is on the CNJ YouTube Channel. Here is the link directly to it.

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