Pieces of Knife Company History

I’m thankful to be a collector of old knives and knife company memorabilia today.

Why am I thankful? Because I can find things folks are selling so much easier now than I ever could have back pre-World Wide Web.

I’m convinced we now find more of what we collect than ever before. No wonder folks used to quit collecting because they no longer could find knives/memorabilia they hunted.

Think about it- Folks find knife “stuff” that we collect all the time. In the old days, it would get chunked in the garbage. Today, more folks take a few minutes to “research” online first. And as more collectors put up websites and other “flags” folks can find to help them identify the collectiblity of this “stuff,” the more it goes into circulation and makes its way to us.

Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about- A significant piece of knife company history.

Napanoch Knife Company printers block

It’s a printers block used by the Napanoch Knife Company during the years of 1900-1919. It sold on eBay for $261 yesterday.

Napanoch Knife Company ad from 1910

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  1. Greetings: Thank you for showing my Napanoch Knife Company SunFish Knife Printer’s Block. It is an all-wood printer’s block, rather than a copper-on-wood printer’s block. At $261.05, I paid less than half of my high-bid. It’s great to see another one of my items on your WWW site! You previously showed a photograph of the cover of my Marble Safety Axe Company Trade Catalog 1910. After that, I sent scans of the pocket knife pages from my Marble Safety Axe Company Catalogs 1905, 1906, 1908-1909. (I still don’t have a MSA Catalog 1907. I will trade a MSA Catalog 1906 or 1910 for a 1907. Here are the items that I collect.: 1. anything J.A. Henckels pre-1961; 2. multi-tools & knife/tool sets (old & new); and 3. knife, sword, axe, multi-tool, knife/tool set ephemera (catalogs, et cetera) and ancillary items (printer’s blocks, et cetera) from Germany, England, other European countries, Australia, and the US. If I went through your WWW site more extensively, I would probably find some of my other items featured. This is a wonderful, well-designed, and visually-stunning WWW site. I don’t like to look at it too often; it shows too many items that I wish I had found and/or could afford. Oh, the pain! I started collecting ephemera and ancillary items from around the world because I found them interesting and because I couldn’t afford to go head-to-head with the big boys (read: “you guys”). I noticed that original catalogs, printer’s blocks, cutlery & tool-maker’s tools, knife & multi-tool patterns’s components, display knives, & the other unusual items were much more affordable. All The Best, Robert Ternes, eBay ID: multiple-purpose-tools, E-Mail Address: multiplepurposetools@yahoo.com

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