Knife Company Memorabilia- Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. wall display

It’s not everyday we find a true piece of knife company history. Last week an item sold on eBay and it was a true treasure.

Here’s the seller’s description:

c.1920- 1930 36” X 48″ FOLDING ADVERTISING BOARD, made of heavy cardboard, beautiful colors with blue, brown, cream, red and green.  The center picture is of a grey haired gentlemen in suit and tie peeling an apple with his pocket knife with “FRIENDS FOR 30 YEARS” in the frame.  The other two frames are (1) a picture of kitchen cutlery with “CATTARAUGUS –IS A GUARANTEE FOR CUTLERY” and on the other pocket knives with “LITTLE INJUN LINE-A KNIFE FOR EVERY USE.”  At the top center it says “CATTARAUGUS CUTLERY CO., LITTLE VALLEY, N.Y.”   On the top left is a picture of the “LITTLE INJUN” and on the top right is another picture of an “LITTLE INJUN.”  We understand that one is on display in the National Knife Museum.”

Oh yeah, I almost forgot- it sold for $869 plus $150 shipping (proving again, good stuff brings good prices, even in a bad economy).

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  1. I was very disappointed to have bid just a little too low on this item. What a treasure. I’ve only seen one other like it on ebay in the 4 or 5 years.
    Rumor has it that there are only 2 or 3 of those out there.

    It’s interesting that a large part of the display is dedicated to kitchen cutlery. I wonder how much of the factory’s annual revenue came from kitchen ware as compared to hunting knives and pocket cutlery.

    Again, what a great piece!


  2. Derek- you were the underbidder? Man, too bad. It is a killer piece and really the price wasn’t too bad. Heck, Case Brothers letterhead and invoices sell for $200 @.
    Hope you find another one like this one- but bet it will cost you more then 🙂

  3. I have a question about a straight razor my Dad
    used over 70 years ago. worth ????
    Discription as follows:
    2-pc (maybe bone) yellow handle.
    Held together by brass tips on each end with fish tail design. 1 rivet on each end.
    Brass emblem on one side shaped like a round face
    with 2 ears on the bottom. Feathered outer edge from
    on ear to the other.Three complete rings within and a
    bright red bulls eye.
    At the bottom between the two ears, there are two words..BULLS EYE. That desscribes the two–peice handle. Blade discription-cattaraugus cutlery,little vally, n.y. S on the very end with B52T on the neck next to
    the shaving edge.
    Blade folds into the handles for protection.
    What can you tell me about this razor ?? Thanks

    • Randy, I’ve posted your question in to get some help answering your questions. I’ll email you as I get responses.

  4. I’m glad you guys liked this display as much as I do. I’m the one that bought it off e-bay. I had it reframed with UV glass. I also know of only two others. Tommy

  5. @Tommy- real nice treasure. Thanks for saying hi.

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