Outlaw knives and then you get Pit Bulls!

Vicious: Seizures of pit bull terriers have soared to record levels as gangs swap knives and guns for dogs

Obviously it wasn’t the knife to begin with. No, it was the bad guys who are the problem and now they have replaced their EDC with a different lethal weapon.

Yes, it’s true. Reported in today’s Mail Online, England police now have their hands full trying to keep up with the record levels of this new weapon. The RSPCA has called for a crackdown on the powerful animals and other illegal breeds to tackle the growing risk to the public.
Photo credit: ALAMY dailymail.co.uk

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  1. This just proves that it doesn’t matter what you outlaw, criminals will simply change to the weapon with the least amount of consequences.
    Besides, they will still get the weapons they want while ordinary, law abiding citizens are left defensless.

  2. Why are ya’ll trying to outlaw these beautiful animals when they are trained to fight and be aggressive. And it isn’t only criminals that make theses dog mean. Every pitbull I have had are big babies. They never tried to hurt anybody. I have nieces and nephews that are 4mnths. to 6 yrs. they are not scared of them. It all depends on how people raise them. It brings tear to my eyes hearing and seeing theses beautiful animals being put to sleep or are killed in fights. There is no reason to outlaw pitbull terriers. It will be a cold day in hell before my babies get put down.

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