Keep your eyes wide open for knife auctions or you’ll miss out

Bruce Voyles Knife Auction

Bruce Voyles Knife Auction

As a fourth generation auctioneer, knife collector and general auctionholic, I love auctions. Auctions are in my blood. I watch them with keen interest- the psychology of the auction method is fascinating.

When it comes to knife auctions- Katy bar the door- I’ll start a new collection purely on impulse (just don’t ask about the last auction I attended and my “new” folding hunter collection). Anyway, here’s my recommendation to you who are in the hunt or just like to go see what you can pick up-

Keep your eyes wide-open for knife auctions or you may miss out

Today, we are seeing knife auctions pop-up unexpectedly- both in places and by auctioneers we wouldn’t normally watch. These auctioneers are bucking the old business axiom “Specialize in good times and generalize in bad.” While you may consider the U.S. economy today to be “bad times,” that’s not the point. Today is good times for the auction industry. Folks are electing to “re-allocate their assets”- some by choice, others by force. But either way, auction opportunities abound for today’s auction industry.

Knife buyers must keep their peripheral vision clear in order not to miss opportunities because not all knife auctions are running through the traditional channels.

Here’s what I mean-

The KC Auction Company has a large one-owner collection of a wide assortment of collector knives up for auction beginning at 10:00 am this Saturday, October 24th in Kansas City, MO. Bidding will be both live and online. Check out the inventory of over 300 knives, including 35 Randalls. All knives (lots) are selling absolute- with no minimum bids.

Also, Ben Bray Real Estate & Auction Company has a 425 lot auction of knives and guns conducted on-site in Lafayette, TN on Saturday, November 7th.

I’m all for auctions, both as an auctioneer and a buyer, but the bottom-line is we must diligently watch- cause some will be in places we didn’t expect.

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  1. I might have to try out the one on Saturday….Looks like 15% is added to the sale price?..I always wondered what you did Scott..interesting business…4th generation too!! When you gonna sell some Montecito cribs??

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