Washington’s end-around is a national knife law

endroundThe end-around is one of the more tricky plays in college football. If done correctly, the offense typically makes a big yardage gain, as the defense is caught totally off guard. Basically, it keeps the opponent focused on the wrong player or part of the field.

Right now, we may be set up for the end-around by the folks up in Washington on this knife ban issue all of knifedom is worked up about. It plays out like this: Rouse up all knife owners into thinking Big Brother is making a major knife restriction (knife ban, if you prefer). These knife owners start organizing into a noticeable and noisy group vying to keep their knives legal. The Gov continues to press for the restriction through various legal maneuvers until the members of Congress gets involved (the stage we are in right now).

Congress proposes counter-maneuvers and advances to show support, or appease, knife users and the pro-knife public. The battle ensues. Capital Hill is now focused on the impending knife ban. The end-around is set up perfectly.

At this point, our Prez gets involved. Knowing the Left is against the general public possessing uncivilized weapons, the Prez seemingly “reaches out” to the opposition, thus showing he is for the general public by wanting to work things out- all the while about to initiate his real “knife restriction.” Right from the ol’ playbook comes his plan to limit knife sales and usage through a national knife permit law, while at the same time increasing tax revenue.

This law effectively does the same as the proposed knife restrictions. It limits knives to certain age groups. It actually does ban the easiest knives to ban (can’t name which ones, cause it will be any he can get support to outright ban), although it still allows certain groups to carry blades by virtue of other licenses or official capabilities (military, law enforcement, etc) while providing tax revenue by requiring the “approved” buyer to obtain a permit at the time of purchase. I won’t be overly paranoid here by suggesting it also allows Big Brother to have a list of all knife owners.

A National Knife Law doesn’t really ban 80% of the knives purchased today- assisted and one-hand openers, only the ones that are the most evil (they will take what they can get), but it makes the pro-knife camp feel like they won by doing away with the “ban” that is on the table now. Congress looks like they came to the knife users and related industries rescue. The Left gets more knives restricted and may even get some outright banned through this ploy. The Prez wins for reaching out and compromising (he moves to the right in the public’s eye- which he desperately needs right now too), plus his national knife law produces tax revenue.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. While my idea here is purely conjecture, don’t be surprised it it plays out pretty close to the ol’ politician’s playbook.

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