We know about the run on guns, now what about knives?

Prior to the recent presidential election we witnessed a run on guns and ammo. Actually, the increased demand for guns is still going on, as we reported here on CNJ. Now, with hyper-attention on our government’s attempt to ban knives of all sorts, is there a reason to stockpile our favorite EDC’s?

It is difficult to sort out fact from fear pertaining to the gun scare, for example. We witnessed the same when Clinton was elected- in fact, I am the proud owner of two prized possessions (hand and semi-auto) as a direct result of the anticipated move by the gov then. We see the same taking place, but the difference now is our knives are also the target.

The extreme left positioned sitting prez sees the time is now to stop all weapons used in crimes- all to appease the liberal left. The “love not war” crowd. The “let’s not govern ourselves, individually- cause we can’t- so let’s let our Gov do it to for us”- crowd.

So, where does all this leave us? Should be be stockpiling our favorite EDC’s, not to mention survival/tactical knives, in case we need to defend ourselves- knowing one day all we will have access to could be the infamous miniature red Swiss Army Knives?

Yes, it will be at the risk of being branded as militants- a part of hard core, anti-gov crowd, but do we do it anyway, or do we trust the folks in Congress to do the right thing and stand for the will of the people and fight this to the end?

Well, what if the will of the people is to restrict knives further and Congress actually supports further restrictions and knife bans? Have you thought about that? If this happens, then where does that then leave us?

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  1. In answer to your last question:

    I would hope that it would leave us Americans standing atop the broken and bloody corpses of those who tried to take our freedoms away and those who followed them.

    I would hope it would leave us Americans free and proud and possessed of a memory that would ensure that it was generations before the filth could rise again in such numbers as to be a risk to us again.

  2. Hello Scott, I wrote a letter to the U.S. Customs the same as many other knife collectors; I don’t believe any of those letters will do any good. It is clear to me that U.S. Customs is just doing what they are told by someone much higher up in goverment. There is alot of pressure for the United States to become more like Europe, not only from world leaders but also from our own leaders. Knives should be protected under the second amendment but they are not, therefore they are easy prey. I hate to say it but we are in for some big changes in knive laws.

    • I agree Mark. The reason the founding fathers provided us the right to bear arms is so we can overthrow the gov if it attempts to rule us…..so take away our knives and guns then what do we have? Sticks and rocks?!

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