My Favorite Knife Video Contest- First Place Winner

The 2009 First Place Winner of the My Favorite Knife Video- The Taste of Blood by Ally Burnham.

I think you will find her video extremely interesting. Through it she shares with us her My Favorite Knife story- while never saying a word!

I thought you would be interested in learning a little more about Ally and her knife collecting hobby, so we arranged it so she can tell us herself. She represents the next generation knife collector.

Ally is a new member of iKnifeCollector– the new online knife collector community.

We appreciate each contestant for taking the time and energy to plan and produce their vid. And we look forward to hosting the contest again next year.

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My Favorite Knife Video Contest 2nd Place Winner

The second place winner is “Bear Hunter by OY Navaho” submitted by Keelen Grimm.

Keelen is an active member of iKnifeCollector– the new knife collector community. Congratulations Keelen!

Now for the moment we have all been waiting for- the First Place Winner….

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My Favorite Knife Video Contest 3rd Place Winners & Honorable Mention

After several days of deliberations, the judges are ready to announce the winners of the My Favorite Knife Video Contest. The contest was sponsored by YouTube’s Cutlerylover, the National Knife Collectors Association and Cutlery News Journal.

We will begin by announcing the Third Place Winner and Honorable Mention

The third place winner is a tie between Rough Rider Toothpick submitted by Nathan Thompson

and 1978 Swiss Army Knife submitted by Jake Shindelar

Also, an Honorable Mention goes to Kenneth PFahlert for Large Swiss Army Knife

Thanks Gentlemen. Good stuff here. Great stories.

We’ll be in touch later this week.

Next is the Second Place Winner

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Knife is Good!

Reprinted from

We have a really good conversation going.  Lynsie Johnson, one of our members, added a thought provoking topic for discussion- “Do you feel that a knife is like a tattoo?” While the topic might be viewed a little “different” for a “knife forum” topic- it is stirring some really good discussion.

You know how conversations go- much like following a road- they follow the original thought for a bit then turn to the left and right, all the while still following the road, but maybe veered off topic, just a little.

life-is-goodAnd while the original discussion was how picking a knife is like trying to pick a tattoo. Tattoo’s come in every shape and size, depending upon personal preference- just like knives. Well, we got off on getting a knife tattoo, somehow. Then in the middle of that discussion, Keelen Grimm, another iKC member, suggested he’d get a KNIFE IS GOOD tattoo- taking off on the LIFE IS GOOD phenomenon sweeping the county.

I have to admit that while KNIFE IS GOOD is Keelen’s original brain child, I really like it! It would have made a great slogan for the  National Knife Collectors Association, but NOT!

With Keelen’s permission we’ll adopt it for ours here at iKnifeCollector. Now I just need to get a graphic artist to create us a logo for it.

Ten reasons why KNIFE IS GOOD!

1. Knives are FUN!

2. Knife people are nice people!

3. It’s fun to hang with knife people!

4. Knives connect people!

5. People are one of the very few meanings of life!

6. Knives provide us an outlet for creativity!

7. Knives keep us off the street (and in front of my computer)!

8. Knives provide us a better way to spend our money- better than on debauchery, wild trips, fast cars, or plastic surgery!

9. Old knives provide us a window to the past and a hint of the future!

10. Knives are FUN! (or did I say that already?)

Care to add to the list- go ahead- what Knife is Good reason do you have?

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Talk about an auto

Switchblades have been ’round for a long time. Actually its history is extremely rich going back to the 1700s with English and French designs.

The knife is one of the coolest patterns and one that simply makes a lot of sense, if you ask me. Regardless of the cutting situation, getting the blade out to use is the ultimate goal anyway.

Hollywood glamorized the knife with movies, such as The Wild One (1954), Rebel without a Cause and High School Confidential (1955) and others. The films featured gangs, violence and rebels- rejects of society. Needless to say, we know what happened next- the US Switchblade Act of 1958. Then in 1959, the UK followed suit with its version of a federal law.

Talk about an auto

Talk about an auto

Well, Hollywood is at it again, yet this time the movie is a prequel and has already grossed $87 million after only releasing a few days ago. Granted, it does not portray the typical garden-style automatic though. Instead this “knife” has three blades that release simultaneously- and from a man’s hand. Yeap, you guessed it. They are the deadly weapon of the Wolverine.

It is interesting to note too in the land of the free enterprise system, some entrepreneur jumped in to produce a claw blade “knife”.

If you are interested in switchblades there is a new group of enthusiasts over at iKnifeCollector, the next generation knife collector community.

Meet a master whittler

The art of whittling is fading.

In days gone-by, whittling was very much a part of everyday life. Cowboys whittled around the campfire. Old men whittled while out front of the corner store. Whittling was a skill taught to Boy Scouts. Knife companies sponsored whittling contests and produced “How to Whittle” pamphlets to keep folks scraping wood with their knives. There were even whittling classes taught after the Great Depression- government sponsored classes. And as a part of the pubic works program, the gov actually paid folks to whittle.

In case, you missed how we got to this point, over the last few weeks we have looked specifically at how times have changed and how boys (and adults) no longer whittle as a hobby or pastime. Now there are other recreations used to entertain and occupy our time. Then we talked about boys not carrying pocket knives like they used to.

Donald Mertz

Donald Mertz

With this as the backdrop, I’m excited to report I met a professional whittler. The minute I met him I knew I had to record our encounter. His name is Donald Mertz- He is a master whittler. Listen in on my conversation with Don about his life and his craft.

How long have you been whittling?

Ever since childhood, I am sixty seven now, so at least sixty years.”

Is there a difference between whittling and carving? If so, how would you describe them.

“Whittling is the art of shaping a hand held piece of wood in one hand and a knife in the other removing wood chips in a slicing action. It could be as simple as drawing the knife blade in a slicing action down the length of a piece of wood to create a thin, curling shaving the entire length of the wood. (more…)

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State Officials Canvass Recent Knife & Gun Show

oregonknifeclubshowHow would you like to be walking up and down the aisles of a show only to have half a dozen government officials all of a sudden barge in and then come up to you?

That is what happened recently at a show in Lubbock, Texas, as reported in the Lubbock Avalanche- Journal.

Representatives of the Comptroller’s Office of the Texas came in and went around approaching people who were there asking if they had a sales tax permit, including buyers, who were approached and asked if they were planning on selling any of the items they purchased.

While the state said it is a common practice to canvass events such as this, folks at the show felt intimidated by the officials’ tactics.

Interesting story. It goes on to say, a lawyer was called in on behalf of the show promoter resulting in the officials packing it up and leaving rather quickly after only an hour of being there.

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My Favorite Knife Video Contest is Closed

youtubeThe entries are in. I have to check the fax machine at our office to see if any others came in late yesterday afternoon or last night, but otherwise, the contest is closed.

Here’s what happens now- Next week the judges will render their decision and the winners will be announced here, as well as contacted via email. Then, I’ll interview of the top winners and introduce them to us.

Thanks to Jeff Smith for producing his YouTube video promoting the contest. Over 5700 views for that vid! The National Knife Collectors Association promoted the contest to all its members- Thanks Lisa! The NKCA will be giving one year memberships as part of the awards too.

More to come next week as we announce the winners.