I have a beef! Why can’t they let knife buyers know?

I have a gripe today. I try very hard to be a positive person. I have only ranted about a gripe here at CNJ a couple of times and this is one.

Auction without any bidders

Auction without any bidders

Today, I ran across an ad for a knife auction. It was a fair sized knife auction. 500 lots.

It seems the auctioneer either didn’t want knife collectors bidding, or simply didn’t know how to inform us.

I didn’t see the auction advertised anywhere in the knife world. No, I don’t mean Knife World Mag, but it includes that pub- I mean anywhere in the knife world. So much for target marketing. Now you may have seen the ad, but I didn’t and I read a lot of knife stuff.

So, guess where I found the ad for this knife auction?

It was in a pub this auctioneer probably uses to for all of their auctions, but it isn’t one that reaches the knife buyers, like Knife World, or even Blade. Heck, they could have posted it in a knife forum somewhere to say the least.

Instead, the ad ran in Antique Week. Now how many knife collectors- not dealers- but collectors regularly read AW? Not me. I just happened to pick up a copy because a co-worker writes a column in it.

Plus, the ad was in the May 4th edition. The auction date was May 9th. So much for giving the buyers time to get their ducks in a row and make plans to travel to Pennsylvania, wouldn’t you say?

We live in the internet age too, don’t we? Would you believe me if this auction didn’t provide for remote bidding- online or proxy, or even phone bidding, which tells me the auctioneer is still back in the 1980s.

Everything about the way this auction was handled gripes me, but it’s OK, cause I don’t need to buy more knives anyway- which is really good, because it seems they didn’t want us knife buyers bidding anyway.

That’s my beef.

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