2009 Knife Collector Survey Results- Question #2

In the first post of this series, we discussed the number of survey participants and how the survey was promoted, along with the answer to the first question of the age of the participant.

Today let’s look at the answers for the second question.

Question #2- How many years have you collected knives?

(Click to enlarge. If browser fails to load, please click chart)

CNJ Collector Survey Q #2 Results

CNJ Collector Survey Q #2 Results

Interesting to note- Fifty-two percent of the collectors have collected 5 years or less, including a whopping 31% for 2 years or less.

This chart clearly shows the future of knife collecting is very bright as an entire new generation of knife collectors are already actively enjoying this hobby.

This trend is particularly pronounced when you look back at the age proportions of the collectors surveyed as revealed in Question #1.

We have a whole new generation of collectors who have just recently started collecting knives as a hobby.

It will be interesting to see if when these collectors are the old timers, whether or not the really old and sought-after vintage knives of that day will be the early tactical and survival knives they collected back when they first got started collecting. Let’s just say, I’d be willing to place a wager, if I thought I’d be around to collect on it.

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  1. Alternatively, along with the findings from question #1, this could show that knife collecting becomes less appealing as we all grow older.

    …or (and perhaps more likely) the older crowd is less likely to participate in internet-based knife communities, whereas those who grew up in the internet generation embraced it.

  2. Jordan
    It is true- the younger generations are more active online than the older and are therefore, more likely to participate in an online survey. However, when you look at the demographics of the knife forums, and even Jeff Smith’s Insights for his video promoting this survey, it is interesting to note the ages included a large percentage of older collectors (non-25 year olds and younger).

    There is no doubt, however, many of the old mainstream current production and antique knife collectors do not get online as a part of their everyday habits and are less likely to participate in a survey because of that.

    Regarding your question on whether the appeal of knife collecting decreasing as one gets older, I think that supposition not supported by what we know from the knife collecting industry. In fact, it is the older collectors who have the disposable income to support their hobby more so than the younger. That is a fact that is evidence across all areas of collectibles.

    Thanks for the stimulating questions/thoughts.

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