My Favorite Knife Video Contest- First Place Winner

The 2009 First Place Winner of the My Favorite Knife Video- The Taste of Blood by Ally Burnham.

I think you will find her video extremely interesting. Through it she shares with us her My Favorite Knife story- while never saying a word!

I thought you would be interested in learning a little more about Ally and her knife collecting hobby, so we arranged it so she can tell us herself. She represents the next generation knife collector.

Ally is a new member of iKnifeCollector– the new online knife collector community.

We appreciate each contestant for taking the time and energy to plan and produce their vid. And we look forward to hosting the contest again next year.

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  1. Bravo Ally! While its a shame the reason for your first knife purchase was the presence of a rapist in your area (a prudent move), your knowledge and respect for knives is a healthy one and I respect that. I wish more young women could see the everyday utility and protection a knife affords. I’m also glad you enjoy collecting and have learned enough to review and therefore appreciate a good knife when it comes along. Thanks to folks like you, I know the hobby (although it is much more than just that) is alive and well. Nice video too! I look forward to seeing you on iKnifeCollector.

  2. Ally
    The vidieo and interview was great, and to cut yourself now that took nerve. Hope you injoy the collecting of knives as I have threw the years.

    Remeber you are the next generation of knife collecting.

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