2009 Knife Collector Survey Results- Question #1

Cutlery News Journal conducted an extensive survey over a two and a half month period earlier this year. The findings will be published soon. There are some surprises too.

1308 collectors took the Cutlery News Journal’s 2009 Knife Collector Survey. It was conducted from January 15th to March 31st, 2009. It comprised of 10 multiple choice questions.

Today, I am presenting the answers to the first question in the survey. It simply asked the participant to indicate the age group he or she represented (click on the chart to enlarge. Each time you click the chart will zoom in).

If chart fails to load, click image to display.

2009 Knife Collector Survey

2009 Knife Collector Survey

The survey was heavily promoted through the major knife forums, Blademag.com, Yahoo Knife Groups, Cutlery News Journal, ElephantToenails.com, the National Knife Collectors Association, YouTube and various knife company communities, as well as the NKCA Knife Show in Dalton, Georgia March 13- 15th 2009.

The finding show that of the 1307 participants who answered this question- 43% are 25 and under33% represent the 20 and under age group, with an additional 10% from the 21- 25 age group.

I will refrain from adding editorial comments at this time. Instead, I will publish the survey results in an official report.

I’ll only add  that most folks would have guessed the 46 to 60 age group to have made up the largest age segment, when in fact those ages only represent 23.5% of the collectors.

There are many conclusions that can be drawn here, and a bunch of questions. From a knife collecting organization’s perspective, one question begs asked: “What are we doing to reach out and engage this active younger collector?”

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  1. I think it tell us that more youg people use the computer and really don’t collect knives. Sorry Frank

  2. Don’t know how you figure that Frank.

    If the survey had been promoted on the Disney Channel or MTV I would agree with you, but as you read it wasn’t. In fact, here is where folks learned about it-Blademag.com, Yahoo Knife Groups, Cutlery News Journal, ElephantToenails.com, Knife guy’s YouTube Channels and various knife online communities (BladeForums, WR Case, AAPK, even Jerzee Devils), as well as the NKCA Website and emails to their members.

    So, I can’t agree they aren’t knife enthusiasts. If you want to say the old knife guys don’t use computers and therefore didn’t take the survey, then you might find interesting- If we were to take that position, we would find iKnifeCollector.com to be filled with teens, but would it surprise you to know- iKC’s average age of its 600 members is 40 years old. So obviously, old folks use computers and go to knife sites too.

    We are talking 1300 folks who took it. I think the difference between your opinion and the stats might be defined by just “Who qualifies as a collector?” That may be the only way to say a lot of these folks weren’t qualified to answer, but I’m not going to say a kid, or an adult, with one or two knives isn’t a collector.

  3. I think I need to rethink my approach to the internet. In fact I realized today that I need to/ am going to place advertisements in “knife industry” magazines.

    Ron LaBella Jr. owner/operator JerzeeDevil.com

  4. Scott,

    This is a “fog horn” wake-up call. To think otherwise defy’s market sales and other Blade Magazine polls.

    Will this younger group always want the tackticle knives,,,,, I think that’s when our investments in traditional knives, cutom knives and hunters will appriciate. I have not been collecting for a long time but have found the market is a facinating as the Wall Street World. More so.

    I know most of my new CAse knives are worth far less than I likely paided for them but time will tell.

    What I have learned but can’t play in that $ arena yet are still the “vintage” case or specialty like the Toes you’re into. For I find reasonable prices out there for some vintage knives. This might be because the statistical majority you report it searching under another subsection to spend there $ now. I find it impossible to beleive that these younger folks will stick with composit handles “Spiferco” patterns when there hormon’s subside and they realise all the old folks have the good, USA made, Traditionals!

    We were all younge once or twice, but tradition remains consitantly atractive although it does have ups and downs. We just need a forum on the internet to present these in a knife based trading forum.

    Frank Evans

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