Change and Knife Collecting

Yesterday’s post about Robert Simpson’s reflections of his boyhood and the role pocket knives played, caused me to do a little thinking.

Then I ran on this statement by Harry L. Rinker. He is one of the most respected names in the field of collectibles.

“Nostalgia continues to play a major role in what people (collectors) buy.”

Nostalgia= a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past.

Many collectors can relate to the affection for the past, but boy is it in stark contrast to our modern computer driven society of today.

I’ll step out and forecast- old knives are going to continue to grow in popularity- even among new collectors- as we all wistfully long for something to help slow time down. Time brings change. Change is not always comfortable. Old knives pause time for us, but just for a moment.

I can’t help but think about iKnifeCollector in this context too. It’s the future of knife collecting on the web. Many are embracing it already. Some are going to decide it’s too different because it is too much change.

You will notice too, the universe of knife collecting is as broad as it is wide. As collectors start moving into the iKnifeCollector community, it is interesting to see how diversified collector interest is.  This is different too. Most knife places are like living on a single street. You either fit in or you didn’t. That’s not the case with iKnifeCollector at all.

The mainstream collectors and the younger crowd are both moving in- this is different too, but very healthy. Go look around and meet the collectors. I can’t wait to see the community in a year from now.

The knife collecting past and the future are now. Want to see this phenomenon? Then check out iKnifeCollector.

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  1. Yes Scott I check it out and i am in. what fantastic way to meet collectors. It is like they are coming in your on house,and having a cup of coffee

    Great Job

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