Grand Opening of iKnifeCollector Coming Soon

Weekend Edition


iKnifeCollector is almost ready for an official Grand Opening. But I wanted to invite all subscribers of Cutlery News Journal to come on over for a special preview.

Here’s the deal though. It is not a flashy type site. Instead it is a community. I’ve developed the subdivision but it doesn’t become a community without you building your own home and then moving it.

You are going to see the site has tons of “things” you can do to customize your home- one area is called My Page (your own personal profile website).

There’s already a lot of building and exploring going on. Some folks have made there way over already and they are learning what all can be done within this community.

Don’t think this is going to be hard or complicated, cause it’s not. I only use the building analogy to help paint the picture. You can do as much or as little as you want to personalize your My Page area.

As time goes on the community will be built out. It will be buzzing with folks visiting each other. Neighbors out at their mail boxes talking about current events. Others out in the community club house playing ping pong, swimming in the pool and playing tennis. All the while others are just moving it.

Anyway, I wanted you give you a special invitation to come on over early and stake your claim. We need you to have a community. It’s all knife folks doing what we do and love- playing knives. That’s what I call it.

Also for the for the rest of this month, all members who join are going to be Charter Members. While that doesn’t mean a lot today….in 3- 5 years- which on the Internet is a very long time- it will be significant when we look back.

When you join, please upload a picture of yourself so we can know you. If you don’t have one handy, that’s cool- go ahead and join, just add it later.

Thanks and hope you enjoy. Here’s the link to iKnifeCollector. After we officially open, you can invite your knife friends then, but right now, it’s just us for a few days longer.

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