The Next Generation Knife Collector Community

I want to join a knife community. I’ve looked at a bunch. Searched the web- deep and wide- and it ain’t there. Not like what I’m looking for.

What I am looking for is a combination- 24/7 Knife Show, YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, FaceBook, Yahoo Group, Cutlery News Journal and knife forum- all rolled into one, all exclusively for knife collectors.

I want to belong to a place where each member is a part of the knife collector community. A single location for all collectors, and if some want to splinter off into their own club, or group, that’s fine, because they are still part of this overall knife community there at that one place.

I want a place we can get to know each other and see the knives we collect. Including a profile of each member so we can learn a little about each other.

Don’t want it too geeky or complicated, instead it needs to be easy to use, for all collectors of all ages.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find such a place?

I want a network where we can have a real community. I want a community platform exactly like this one-

The Next Generation Knife Collector Community: Features & Capabilities

    • Applications/Programs (Adding practical functionality. Members add them to their own profile. Things like Internet Voicemail, eBay auctions, games, stock quotes, Google Maps, weather, polls, sharing and storing files and cool stuff like that- on their own personal webpage, or member profile).
    • Discussion/Blogs (both for the entire network/community, as well as for each member, if they want one).
    • Comments (sure, that’s more conversation).
    • Events (a master calendar for the entire community, plus a personal one for each member, if they wish).
    • Forum (another way to communicate with the members and have them participate in the topics and discussions).
    • Groups (what if folks had a place within the community to gather with other collectors with the same specific interest, like Great Eastern Collectors, or switchblade collectors- or even members of a knife club. And then wouldn’t it be great if each Group then had a discussion forum, comment wall, RSS reader- basically a mini group website).
    • Latest Activity (I’d like to see as new members join. The comments posted, knife pictures or video added by other members).
    • Music (I might even want to upload music to share).
    • Pages (the ability to add pages of new stuff and things the other members will find interesting).
    • Photos (I have lots of knife and related photos- what if I could gang load like 100 at a time and do it easily. Then I want to be able to create different photo albums and drag certain pictures in).
    • Member Profile Pages (I want to “see” and meet other knife collectors and what they are interested in and knives they collect. Each profile needs to be customizable and provide for photo albums, video and the applications they want to share with others).
    • RSS Feeds (this tool works great for content that changes, like a news feed- like CNN FOX News or CNJ. I’d like to have this info piped into my profile when others check me out).
    • Widgets (more member profile functionality and customizable content).
    • Videos (I want to be able to upload knife related videos- or any I want- to share with fellow collectors with, or without, having to YouTube them by loading them directly to the community, or my profile).

These are the things I am looking for in our next online collector community. All for the purpose – to meet, share and fellowship with folks who like knives and collecting as much as I do. While as much as I’d like to gather with a group of knife collectors on a regular basis in a convention center for a national- in person- meeting, isn’t going to happen. It is the web today that provides us that place to gather.

Our associations and clubs simply do not have the funds to pour into building out web-based platforms- not like this.

They are doing their best, but lack the time and resources to keep up with the newer technologies online today. And many of these new technologies will directly foster our hobby too.

Here’s you a stat- 82% of Internet users pursue their hobbies online, so by working together we can also help bring online knife collecting in an organized fashion to people who might develop an interest in our enjoyable hobby.

So, let me ask you, if I found a knife “place” like this, would you want to know about it?

Then stay tuned for the official announcement of the Grand Opening of iKnifeCollector- the next generation knife collector community.

All I ask is your support and participation. And as each member starts “moving in,” our community will begin taking shape. I’ve got the building up and ready. It needs people in it and pictures hung on the wall. That’s where you can help.

Oh, I forgot to mention- it’s free too.

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