My Favorite Knife YouTube Video Contest

youtubeUPDATED: Thur. April 30, 2009

The deadline is today for entering your video! Put it up on YouTube and send me your link. Thanks to the contestants who have taken the time to enter. Good luck!

Check out Cutlery News Journal’s YouTube Channel for the entries as they come in. I’m linking them to the 2009 My Favorite Knife Video Playlist.

The rules and instructions are linked below.

Everyone has a favorite knife. And I haven’t met a knife owner who doesn’t get excited and want to tell about it.

video-contestHave you ever thought about making a video to share the story of your favorite knife? Now is your chance. Oh, you don’t feel comfortable recording yourself, well then, what if I told you the Grand Prize Winner takes home $200 cash and other prizes? Oh, you think you are interested after-all? Good.

The submissions will be judged primarily on originality and creativity on the theme of My Favorite Knife. It is as easy as shooting a home movie.

Let’s have some fun and share the passion. Don’t know anything about uploading a video to YouTube?  Your kids will show you.


Prizes, Details, Entry Form and Terms of Contest

Thanks for your interest in this exciting contest. The folks over at the National Knife Collectors Association can’t wait to see and hear the story of your favorite knife. Jeff Smith, aka YouTube’s CutleryLover, NKCA, Cutlery News Journal thought you’d enjoy putting together your video to share with the knife world.

It is important you complete the entry form provided below to be eligible to enter and so we can send you the prize money, in addition to your very own NKCA membership card. Also, first and second place win an NKCA monogrammed shirt and hat; there will probably be some other NKCA goodies thrown in the box too!

The prizes and awards-

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: $200 cash, a year’s membership to the National Knife Collectors Association, NKCA shirt and hat.

2nd place winner: $100 cash and a year’s membership to the National Knife Collectors Association, NKCA shirt and hat.

3rd place winner: $50 cash and a year’s membership to the National Knife Collectors Association.

Our goal is to announce the winners the first week of May here at Cutlery News Journal. An announcement email will go out as soon as the winners are posted. If you are interested in receiving email notices and updates, please subscribe the CNJ UPDATES, otherwise, just check back often. I will post answers to questions received and provide additional information, or clarifications, as needed.

ENTRY FORM my-favorite-knife-video-contest-entry-form-final Please print and either email a scanned copy back after filling it out or fax it. Instructions are on the form.

RULES OF CONTEST terms-and-conditions-final Each contestant must read and agree to these terms.

If you have questions, please feel free to email me.

Deadline for submission is April 30, 2009, but don’t wait until the last minute and run into a glitch submitting the entry form or YouTube being down for service.

My Favorite Knife YouTube Video Contest is sponsored by the National Knife Collectors Association, Knife Video King- Jeff Smith, aka- YouTube’s CutleryLover and Cutlery News Journal.

Jeff did a informative video about the contest over on his YouTube Channel. Check it out. The NKCA’s YouTube Channel also provides an overview vid.

Good luck and have fun sharing with us about your favorite knife.

All videos must be loaded on YouTube and linkable to be eligible. If you don’t have a YouTube account yet, it is easy to set up. Go to YouTube and follow the simple instructions.  After you record your video upload it to your new account. The contest entry form provides instructions and a place for the link to your video and submission into the contest.

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  1. my favorite knife the spyderco delica saved my life


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