Cutlery News Journal’s Entire Staff & Production Team

Weekend Edition (continued)

I reserve the right to write about whatever I want in the Weekend Editions. Sometimes the stories are off-the-wall, a bit eccentric, but usually follow a lighter, less serious, tone than in the weekday editions.

But today, I must come clean with you about something, especially if you are a regular reader.

One of the prerogatives of a writer is to add humor knowing the reader may or may not catch it. I do this often and my references to the CNJ staff is an example. I chuckle when I write about them in my posts. This tongue-in-cheek humor isn’t intended to mislead anyone, instead it is added because I think it is funny.

You may recall in the last post of 2008, the entire staff of CNJ wished you a Happy New Year. In the 2009 Shot Show post I mentioned that all of the CNJ reporters were out in the field on assignments, therefore we weren’t able to cover it and in the Dalton Show post, how excited the staff and crew were about going to work our first-ever table at a knife show.

CNJ Group photo taken at the NKCA's Dalton Knife Show

CNJ Group photo taken at the NKCA's Dalton Knife Show, and yes, I am the only exhibitor with a computer on my table- and no knives

Well, if you don’t know by now- then I must confess- I am the staff, crew, roving reporters, researchers, workers, publisher, editor, writers and janitor here at CNJ.

Yes, it is a lot of energy, but my reward is knowing you are finding the site useful, humorous, informative and sometimes even thought provoking, as we travel down the path of life together.

And to you who have wondered- I do have a full-time job, along with a wife and 4 kids, plus I try to remember to stop and smell the roses everyday too.

In the future, when you see a reference in one of my posts to the CNJ staff,  reporters or production team, then you can chuckle with me too.

Enjoy the Day!

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