Cutlery News Journal has gone green too

CNJ’s gone GREEN. You know, the movement sweeping the country right now? Well we’ve jumped in too. And we’re in good company because the biggest companies in the US, Hollywood, Al Gore and everyone who knows anything everything are all green nowadays.

So, now that we’ve declared, is there an official list we need to get on? Maybe a website somewhere we sign or an 800 number we need to call?

We publish a daily knife collector newspaper and don’t even use news-paper. I’d say that is pretty green, wouldn’t you?

Since we are one of the good guys now, I have to tell you a secret-  I’ve really been green for a long time.

greenlistTo prove my point, here’s my Green List.

I’ve been eating green beans ever since I could swallow- which was before I could chew, thank you very much.

I have green eyes.myeyes

I have always liked green grass (yard grass)

greentreetopsI love green trees and not un-green ones.

I love the Master’s Green Jacket. No, I don’t have one, but do remember Nicklaus’ win in 1986.

green-traffic-lightI love green lights.

greenappleMy favorite computer company declared they’re now a greener Apple

And if you can’t tell, green is my favorite color. I’m serious- it really is.

And now, I have held the best green for last…

No, it isn’t green backs- $$. You thought it was money, didn’t you? –

greenbonetoenailGREEN BONE!

I’m headed to the NCKA Knife Show in Dalton today and will report in sometime over the weekend. It’s going to be a blast!

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