One knife thing leads to another knife thing

One of the challenges of collecting knives is staying focused. Yes, multi-tasking is a part of everyday life today, but when it comes to knife collecting, it can be problematic, distracting and expensive. What I am talking about is staying focused on the knives, just the knives.

It’s the other old knife stuff that’s the problem

Case Brothers Ad Card

1900- 1914 Case Brothers Ad Card

Please tell me you have this problem too. You see, I have an affection for all the other old knife stuff. While I do stick pretty well to only collecting one particular knife pattern, my problem is the all other stuff.

Little Valley Knife Association 1898

Little Valley Knife Association 1898

Let me give you an example. First I find an old knife, then I get curious about the knife company that made that knife. The next thing I know I’m on eBay looking for any old stuff related to that company.

Tell me you understand what I am saying here. Then I get sucked into the auctions of this “knife” stuff. What follows after that is a closet, bookshelf and office crammed full of all these other “collectibles.”

Union Cutlery Co. Salesman's Case

Union Cutlery Co. Salesman's Case

Collectibles like- the billheads, cancelled checks, stock certificates, letters, ads, catalogs, calendars, invoices, knife boxes, postcards, pictures, buttons, time sheets, newspaper articles, pins, salesman cases and rolls- really anything about the knife company.

It doesn’t stop there either, then I get into the history of the knife factory’s community, and its workers, in addition to the founders and their background, including where they were from…..

Wait a minute. I am a knife collector?!

A little bigger problem

I have one more collectible to add to the mix- antique knife display cases. I don’t know about you, but I go nuts over them.

W R Case & Sons Cutlery Display

W R Case & Sons Cutlery Display

The problem is display cases don’t fit in a drawer, like the paper memorabilia or knife boxes. Display cases are big and heavy. They are solid wood with glass.

Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. Display

Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. Display

But they are beautiful and old, fragile, yet highly collectible. They are just so big. I don’t keep knives in several of them, because I don’t have room to display the cases, so they get crammed in my one and only little closet- my clothes closet.


Although I only have that one closet to use, I was allowed to take over half of our computer room as my knife hobby area, but that space is full with my desk and other knife stuff, and with bookshelves- full of knife books, no doubt (I ran out of shelf space so the rest of my knife books are also crammed in my little closet).

Maybe the problem isn’t the knife stuff; I need more room(s)- “Honey, I’ve decided we’re going to add on to the house. I need more room for my knife stuff?” Yeah, right.

One knife thing leads to another knife thing

So, when I say it is hard to stay focused, you can see what I mean. After all, I am a knife collector, but have found one knife thing leads to another knife thing.

By the way, did you see the killer article in Blade Mag this month (May 2009) by Richard White entitled- Edges: The Silent Knife Salesman? It’s all about antique knife display cases.


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  1. Hey Scott, I could store that Catt display case for you!

    I’ve currently got Catt stuff, stuffed in closets, drawers and on shelves, but if you need room for your clothes, I’d “take one for the team” and hold on it for you.

    All kidding aside, I enjoyed the article, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only knife nut out there who collects just about anything knife related.


  2. Thanks Derek. I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

    LOL you will take one for the team. I liked that!

    If I ever need the space I’ll keep you in mind on the Catt display. Right now it’s just collecting the other thing I forgot to mention – dust.

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