Valentine’s Day Gift

Weekend Edition


Wrong place at wrong time

Wrong place at wrong time

Some gifts are romantic, some gifts are sweet, some gifts are thoughtful and others are just bad luck.

It has long been a superstition that it is bad luck to give a knife to your sweetheart.

Here’s the tale:

A Neanderthal man decided to get his woman a gift. He liked knives. He assumed she liked what he liked. He also figured he needed a rest from being the hunter and that his woman should take up part of that responsibility. After all he figured all she did was lay around the cave all day eating bon bons. 

Because he never noticed that she liked pretty stones, flowers, good fur things like that. He assumed that she needed something useful and something that he would benefit from he gave her a knife. 

Which probably would have been alright IF he would have also given her a nice warm mink blanket or conch shell necklace or even a handful of violets. It might have even been okay if the knife would have had a decent handle, ivory or something. No Neanderthal gave her a utility working knife. A very sharp knife. One that he *REALLY* would have liked for himself. 

The woman knew he loved the knife. So she gave it back to him. In the chest. Hence the beginning of the bad luck superstition. 

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