Knife Auctioneer continues to take advantage of technology


My grandfather used his car to promote our company's auctions

The auction industry has come a long way from the days of my great-grandfather nailing placards to telephone poles announcing our company’s auctions back in 1915 and my grandfather using his car as a rolling billboard. Today with the click of a couple of keys electronic messages can be broadcast to the world.

With that, J Bruce Voyles is continuing to take advantage of technology in promoting and conducting his knife auctions. I just received an email advertising an auction he is calling a Flash Auction. Now the Flash concept relates to mobbing folks together quickly. This particular auction is only open for 5 days and starts today. So, gone is the printing of a catalog (read: time), mailing it (read: time) and the waiting (read: more time) for the auction to start. His email came in the day before the auction starts.

The aspect of this auction that I like is he is not sending out any traditional snail-mail promotional piece- no brochure or catalog. Auctioneers have used brochures mailers and catalogs to promote their auctions and the items/property to be sold for well over a hundred years. Bruce is running this auction with an electronic catalog listing only and promoting it via email.

To me this just makes sense. Why print a catalog with umpteen pages of pictures when you can send an email, or if you felt you had to, mail a postcard to the buyers list, and then have them go straight to the web for the photos and descriptions. 

And in this case, the bidding is online too.  If you are interested in checking out the knives in this auction, go to Bruce Voyles Auctions. His point with the Flash Auction is it won’t last long so head on over now.

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