Pocket Knives and Tool Knives in the Early 1900s

cutlerymakersofamer1919headingContinuing our series on knife names and classifications in the early 1900s. For you into the history of our knives and knife manufacturers, looking back reveals a highly competitive and, yet, diversified cutlery market. We began this series with All the types of knives and the firms that made them.

Next, we looked at kitchen knives and the tremendous variety produced. Today, we are looking at the classification list of Pocket knives and Tool knives, as set out in the official directory of the cutlery trade published as The Cutlery Makers of America in 1919.

I’m not going to bullet format this list, which results in it being longer, however, it is much easy for you to read like it is.

Advertising Knives

Army Knives

Artists’ Knives

Asparagus Knives

Auto- Tire Knives


Broom Corn Knives

Budding or Grafting Knives


knife-co-ads-1919lowres1Cane Knives

Cap Blades

Cigar Blades

Cigarette Knives

Clam Knives

Collar Blades

Cork Knives

Corn Knives

Cotton Sampling Knives

Desk Knives

Electricians’ Knives

Feather Knives

Felt Knives

Furrier Knives

Glazier’s Knives

Hunting Knives (including Safety push buttons)

Ink Erasers

Ink Knives

Jeweler’s Knives

Leather Knives

Letter Openers


Manicure Knives 

Manual Training Knives

Nail Knives

Nursery Knives

Oilcloth Knives

Oyster Knives

Painters’ Knives

Palette Knives

Paperhangers’ Knives

Pattern Makers’ Knives

Peach Pitters

Physicians’ Knives

Pocket Knives (advertising)

Pocket Knives (advertising-safety push button)

Pocket Knives- Revolver

Pocket Knives

Pocket Tool Kits

Pocket Knives (pruning)

Pocket Knives (safety push buttons)

Pocket Knives (sailors)

Pocket Knives (skeleton)

Pruning Knives

Putty Knives

Razors (corn, straights & safety)

Roofing Knives

Rubber Knives

Saddlers’ Knives

Sailors’ Knives

Scalpell Knives

Scissors (bandage, buttonhole, ladies’, lamp wick, manicure, pedicure, pocket, & surgical)


Shears (barbers, candy, dental, desk, mule, grass, hedge, papers, paperhangers’, school, sheep, tailors’, & tension)

Shirt Blades and Handles

Show Knives


Stencil Knives

Surgical Knives

Tobacco Knives

Tomato Knives

Shirt Makers’ Knives

In the final installment in this series, we will look at the knife companies identified in this publication.

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  1. I’m trying to identify the maker of some nice butcher knives owned by my father-in-law. He still butchers a pig every December, and he has 8 knives with all different blade shapes, but all with the same handle.
    Some have been in his family for years, and others he has collected himself. The butchering knives have a wood handle, and on one side there is a small oval-shaped medalion (brass, i think), with the image of a pig on the medalion. I would appreciate any info you can provide. Thanks, Rick

  2. this knife was made by robeson of rochester n.y. a top quality knife/

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