Early knife memories

boywithknife1Most of us got our first knife as a youngster. Thinking back, what do you remember about getting your first knife? Do you remember what kind it was?  Did the knife mark a special event in your life?

My early memories tend to be mostly highlights, almost flashes, though my two earliest knife memories are still clear to me.

My first knife was given to me by my Dad while on a Saturday fishing trip. He bought me a wood-handled fish knife. After we had put our lines in I was playing around with it and accidentally dropped it between the boards of the pier. My Dad, my hero, walked back to the store right off the end of the pier and bought me another one. We kept it in the tackle box after that.

pumaThe other knife memory was when I was about 13. Our family went on a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee where I bought, with my own money, a green-handled Puma pocket knife. It looked something like this one. I always liked this knife and kept it in its green and yellow plastic case and never used it- the sign of a true collector, even at this early age.  

While at the time we may not have thought of ourselves as knife collectors, but looking back, these early knives were the seeds that eventually grew into our love for the hobby of knife collecting.  

What is your first knife memory?

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  1. I remember just like it was yesterday. I had saved
    my money from selling Squab (baby pigeons), and rode
    my bike to Andersons hardware. Just like my dad said
    “Hand me one of those Yellow Jackets Please”;so Mr.
    Anderson reach in and pulled out a Case Yellow Trapper
    and he said “You Wells’s really like these don’t you son”. I said, “Yes sir, we sure do.”

    That was one of my best days of my life.

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