Got Knives to Sell? What are the options today?

cnjspotlightfinalSo, you have a few knives to sell, what direction do you go? Stick them on eBay? Sell to a dealer? Or post them in a forum?

There are other options.

What if I told you there is a very established knife site where you can put your knives? 

But maybe you wanted your own website to sell through, yet either due to the expense of building it out, or lack of technical know-how, you felt it would be over your head. (AAPK) may be the answer. In addition to it being well known, AAPK allows its members to have their own Knife Store. 


I actually set one up for Elephant Toenails over the weekend. It was very easy. Bryan Sanders, the owner of the site, provides clear instructions and “screen shots” to get you up and running. 

A Knife Portal

AAPK is more than a place for member stores; it offers its visitors “things” to do at the site, as well as tons of information and resources. It is kind of like having a store in a shopping mall. 

Not only do folks go there to learn about knives, but AAPK offers a popular knife forum too. Folks are coming and going all day long. So, you are opening a store at a location where there is existing traffic, plus the other stores owners are out promoting their stores too.

The Nuts and Bolts


Until you have tried to launch a website (the easy part), and then build traffic (the hard part), it is difficult to appreciate the value AAPK offers.


It even provides a built-in check-out system for you. When someone buys one of your knives, you get copied on the invoice as it is emailed to your buyer. The shipping, payment method and particulars are all detailed out.

But, how will knife buyers find me?

Overall, it sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well, it gets even better.

Go Google “pocket knife.” Out of the 2.6 million results, shows up on the first page. Not an easy feat in today’s highly sophisticated world of web and SEO marketing- something I know Bryan works on constantly. AAPK’s search engine page ranking is worth money to you.


Bryan will help you set up and host your store at no cost until you sell a knife. Only then is he compensated. And it is reasonable. Check it out and see for yourself.

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