The 2009 Knife Community Survey

cnjreaderpollsOne of the benefits of the web is information can be exchanged easily and with just a few clicks you have the opportunity to help shape the direction of the knife collector industry.

If you have participated in a CNJ survey, you know my goal is simply to develop initiatives, topics or, in some cases, platforms to get the Establishment’s attention.  And let me assure you the powers that be are paying attention to what you say here at Cutlery News Journal.

I need your help by taking part in the Knife Community Survey, as well as to help make others aware of it. There are thousands of knife collectors who may not be web savvy yet, or a frequent visitor here at CNJ, so please encourage them to come participate in this important survey.

I would also appreciate it if you would post a note and link in any forum you are a part of directing folks this way. I’ve added this survey to the right-side column of the CNJ homepage too. Simply click that page, highlight and copy the address of the CNJ survey page.

The knife collector associations’ leadership wants to better adapt to today’s online knife collector and your information will be invaluable, so please take part and encourage others to also. This survey provides for a comprehensive profile of the knife collector community.

Direct Link to the 2009 Knife Community Survey

Thank you


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  1. 1.16.09 10:22 PM
    I just learned many of you found the poll closed earlier this evening when you went to vote.

    I apologize. I just learned my “free” polling service limits to 100 votes, which we hit early this eve.

    I have now upgraded my account (what was free is now $20 @ mth….) but I decided this survey is worth $250. I think it will be a good snap shot of our community.

    So, if you found the poll closed it is now open. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please return and submit you votes.

  2. At the moment,I ‘build’ and customize knives from existing blades (custom and factory).I am gearing up to be the first small custom knife manufacturing company in B.C.,Canada,so am glad to take part in this survey.

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