2008 CNJ Knife Collector Online Activity Report



Geek Rated: Moderate

First, let me say, “Thank you” to all who participated in our poll. The results are now in and tallied. I know the title of the report sounds a bit “Big Brother,” but the poll questions were general and non-intrusive.

Interestingly, we knife folks don’t follow the typical web-users’ online activities. We are proudly a subset of the general web-users and as a result our activities are different. 

Here is a snap-shot our online activities during the fourth quarter of this year.

2008cnjknifecollectoronlineactivityreport1Click to enlarge

Most Popular- Knife Forums

The majority of us are visiting knife forums. Forums are filled with community, conversation and info. Forum popularity doesn’t translate to active participation though.

The majority of visitors are lurkers.  In fact, 90% of visitors don’t activity participate or comment. However, a study by Rubicon shows the rate of participation varies to the type of content. 

YouTube Community

YouTube is a community, not just a site with videos. It is a social networking site. Overall, the folks who are active in this community tend to be the younger group (15- 24).

CNJ conducted a YouTube interview with CutleryLover. The interview was up on his channel at the time, and as a result, CNJ had a big rush of visitors who voted in the poll.

 Interestingly, the majority of viewers of the CNJ YouTube Channel videos are 45- 55 years old (and male). When someone signs up for a YouTube account, the system forces him/her to include their birthday, therefore, we can track age, sex and geo location of our viewers and subscribers.

Knife Company Sites

Knife Company websites are the third most popular knife place to go. Hard to say, whether the visitor is “shopping” or is stuck in sticky content.” A handful of the larger, or more web-savvy, firms have loaded videos, games and message boards to keep customers coming back.

Blogs ranked further down

Blogs, like CNJ, are for the “average” web user, very popular sites to visit. Studies show 50 – 70% of all web users read blogs. However, for knife folks only 4% indicated visiting blogs. One of the reasons for this rank is the lack of knife blogs. Blogs are frequently updated, which may be a contributing factor why there are only a few active knife blogs today. 

Knife User/Collector Demographic

In general, knife collectors fall into a rather narrow demographic, when compared to all web-users. Our online activities are a function of this demographic.

For the really curious or really geeky

If you are curious as to what most folks do online and how often, check this chart out.

As new types of communities, websites and other “things” are developed and launched, our choices will change. It will be interesting to see what 2009 brings us.

Again, thanks for helping out with the poll.


Additional Sources: CNJ Knife Collector Poll Results; Rubicon: Online Communities and Their Impact on Business. Part One: How online community works; Rubicon: Online Communities and Their Impact on Business. Part Two: Leading Web Destinations and Community


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