The Dilemma of the Everyday Carry Knife

CNJ is still in its Weekend Edition with relatively little “breaking news” on this Sunday, so I want to revisit the Everyday Care Dilemma.

The EDC has received a bit of discussion here at CNJ lately. I didn’t get the Victorinox SwissFlash and I’m not carrying the Case Brothers Toenail I did get. So, I’m back to where I started- without an EDC.

The biggest problem I have with carrying a knife everyday is I don’t encounter very many opportunities to use it. Because of this, I’m not faced with the “if I only had a knife” dilemma. So, to remedy this I must have a knife that is a part of something else I do carry everyday.

It must be-

  • an item I already carry and use everyday
  • an item that will pass through airport scanners
  • an item I want to carry
  • an item with multiple uses
  • Thinking through the items I have on, or with me, at all time- here’s the short list:

    1. Wallet
    2. Keys
    3. Belt 
    4. Shirt & Britches
    5. Shoes
    6. Reading Glasses
    7. Sun Glasses
    8. MacPower Book
    9. Ink Pen
    10. My iPhone

    Wait a minute. Stop the press. I got it! Yes, that’s it!  



    Obviously, this pic is with it in its open position.

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    1. Last Christmas we had a gift exchange at work. When one of the ladies was having a problem opening her gift, I said, “Wait a second, let me get my knife.” I pulled out my 2 1/4 inch Swiss Army knife. It has about a dozen functions, but he blade is very thin and is not even a 1 1/4 inches long. An assistant manager did a shutter and said, “Do we need to call HR?” Fortunately, she saw the knife and was placated with its diminutive size. I am just glad I didn’t pull out my Barlow. I am just amazed at how knives that were once seen as tools are not being viewed as weapons only.

      I remember asking my uncle once if he had his knife on him and his response was, “I got my pants on don’t I?” Sadly, I think those days may be gone if we don’t fight back the stereotype of knives being weapons only.

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