OK, OK, I am finally getting an EDC


Last week, one of our CNJ readers posted a comment about me being a uber geek. Now, I need to clear the air of a couple of things.

While I took no offense, I want to make sure you know I am equally passionate about knives.

I have to confess though I do get pretty excited about all things Mac (Apple Computers). I have a blast playing on my computer, publishing CNJ, and chatting with fellow collectors on forums, YouTube and by email.

I also know I tend to foster the geek image as a result of me taking it upon myself years ago to promote the fun of our hobby via the World Wide Web.

Computer nerd posing as a knife collector

The members of ElephantToenails.com know a dark secret I shared a few years ago. It is one that has made some folks think I am really just a computer nerd posing as a knife collector. 

So, in an effort to set the record straight- I’ll tell you too.

I don’t have an EDC (and never have). I did buy one off eBay specifically as an EDC, but couldn’t bring myself to carry it…it was a used Case XX redbone toenail. I’m just too much of a collector to bring myself to use it.

Now, if you don’t know what an EDC is I am sorry, but I won’t further embarrass myself by explaining what it is.

I could sit here and give you all the reasons/excuses for why I don’t have one (travel a lot, don’t get into “cutting” situations often, etc, etc.,), but the EDC situation is a bit more problematic for me because my favorite knife isn’t easily carried in my britches pocket, OK?

The Problem Is Now Solved

Well, I think I have solved the problem now. I found a knife I want for Christmas (another one actually). From here out I will be able to hold my head up high around all my knife friends.

All will now know I am really not a computer nerd posing as a knife collector because I will be a card carrying member of the EDC Club.

With that said, I’d like to introduce my EDC:




The SwissFlash by Victorinox offers data storage (up to 16 gigs). This second generation of Victorinox USB memory stick multi-tools features high storage capacities, fast data transfer, and LED indicator lights.  The flash drive on the SwissFlash is removable, offering the traveler the option of keeping their data safely on hand while stowing the multi-tool in their checked luggage.The SwissFlash is compatible with the USB 1.1/2.0 interface and Windows (98SE/ME/2000/XP), Mac (OS.X/OS 8.6 and higher), and Linux kernel 2.4x and higher. 



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  1. NOW THAT IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great choice!
    Victorinox still makes outstanding products [better IMO than Wenger’s Swiss knives] at fair prices and offers a great warranty!
    As much of a fan of black “tactical” style knives as I am, I still carry a Victorinox Centurion in my day-pack and the Victorinox Swisstool ‘rescue’ in my car. When I was working in retail cutlery several years back, I also bought their Cybertool, which has an array of torx bits and small screwdrivers. Good stuff.

  3. Scott, Scott, Scott! PLEASE let me send you a REAL EDC! I promise nothing too large and cumbersome. Yes, I can see the convenience of the one you have, but 16 gigs of memory in a knife? We are bordering on blasphemy here my friend. Feel free to leave it on the dresser when you travel, but a man’s pocket is meant for a knife. What if you were attacked by a piece of 1″ rope? You wouldn’t stand a chance.

  4. LOL 🙂 Yeah, but it could be a hacker of a different kind I need to fend off…a computer hacker.

    Do not despair, I do have a few different kinds of knives in a drawer now.

    It is knowing in advance that I’ll be needing it that is my problem. 🙂

  5. Thanks for seeing the intended humor. Honestly, I’ve been impressed with the edge retention of Victorinox stainless long before ATS-34 or S30V were a glimmer in someone’s eye.

    And I like my gadgets too. I’ve got grand-baby pictures on one of those USB memory gizmos. I doesn’t cut very well though. 🙂

  6. Way too funny, but I’m getting confused.

    Toenail collector,.. Uber Geek,… Comedian,…?

    Will the real Scott King PLEASE step forward!

    Even though I’ve carried a pocket knife for years I’m afraid I had to resort to the dictionary to find out what “EDC” really means.

    Like everyone else who reads this blog, I have a number of vintage knives in my collection. The big folders are my favorites and I’ve experimented with carrying a number of them. Even though I love having one in my pocket, they are big and heavy, sorta like keeping a pipe wrench in your pocket.

    I’ve also tried smaller vintage folders that have already seen some miles, but I find myself being overly careful about what else I put in the same pocket. Keys and change are supposed go in the OTHER pocket so I don’t bugger up the old knife that’s already been in someone else’s pocket for years with his keys and change.

    What’s a guy to do? I think the Victorinox is a great solution.

  7. …try carrying a toenail in your pocket. Plus, it really can be embarrassing too, if you know what I mean…

    Anyway, like I was telling Elvis….the real problem I have is knowing in advance that I’ll be needing it so that I make sure I have it to use… :), but I guess that goes against the concept of an Every Day Carry, doesn’t it.

    Glad you liked the post.

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