Planes, rental cars and basketball?

I don’t have to tell you the storm the country experienced yesterday caused disruptions to much of the nation’s transportation and delivery systems. 

While we pride ourselves here at CNJ in bringing you up to the minute breaking news and information, we simply can not control acts of God. As sophisticated as technology is here in the US, and as advanced as our transportation networks are- you know the old saying- Stuff happens. Well, stuff happened and it interfered with the delivery of the most recent edition of CNJ.

airliner….actually, here’s the deal. I have been on a whirl-wind business trip to South Florida and I got back last night….just in time to see the last 6:41 minutes of my son’s basketball game (he won!). This morning, I’m on my way to my middle daughter’s basketball game. At 1:00 my son plays again. 

So, CNJ will resume its normal schedule once things settle a bit. 

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Scott

    Been there, know what you are talking about. Its hard to juggle your schedule sometimes, but once they grow up and start college you see less and less of them. So attend as many games etc. as you can. Believe me time flies and they will be gone before you know it.

  2. I’m trying to balance it all. I work hard to make as many of my four kid’s events as possible (actually my oldest is at college now).

    Thanks for the advice, Ken.

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