Manly men own knives

giftguideDoesn’t every man want to be a “manly” man?

Well, we were pushed to become sensitive men there for about 10 years or so.



Now being a manly man is popular again. Thank goodness, because Terms of Endearment just flat tore me up.

Yesterday, I ran on a list that peaked my curiosity. It is  The Art of Manliness Holiday Gift Guide published on Art of

I was very pleased to see pocketknives made the list!

The publishers of the site didn’t want to re-create the typical men’s holiday guide with tech toys and video games; instead, the list is “full of manly- quality items that will last a lifetime.”

The site goes further to say, “Every man should carry a pocketknife. If your loved one has not been initiated into this manly tradition, it’s time to help him along by giving him a quality knife.” Don’t you just love that! 

Check it out and forward it to your loved one who is probably still trying to decide what to get you for Christmas. I already bought my knife for me from my family. They would have never been able to find it, so I just helped make life easier by buying it for me for them. It’s a Case Brothers 5250. Now, that knife is pure testosterone, wouldn’t you say?

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