The Conversion of a Rebel & Case Knives

Weekend Edition

When I first started collecting pocketknives I learned of Case knives. Then I kept running into Case knives. Everyone I talked to talked about Case knives. It was obvious Case knives were very popular and the throngs of collectors wanted Case knives.

No, I don't fly a Rebel Flag

No, I don't fly a Rebel Flag

I am a bit of a rebel. I don’t follow the crowd. I registered Independent. The last thing I want to do is the thing everyone else is doing. And as as it related to collecting knives, I decided-

I was NOT going to collect Case knives!

And I didn’t, instead I built a collection of German-made knives (H. Boker). Then years later I started collecting elephant toenails  and I wanted the old stuff! 

I can hear you chuckling now

Everyone who has been ’round knife collecting for very long knows Case is where every collector eventually gets to- one way or another. It is kinda of like what we say down here in the South- you can’t get there without having to first go through Atlanta (airport). The same is true for Case and especially for a collector of old American made knives.

You see, Case was a major player back when elephant toenails were first made. Case Brothers made them. W. R. Case &  SON had toenails made by Napanoch around 1902. Then you had the Platts (jumbo swellcenter!!) and W R Case merger around 1905. And the whole time Case toenails were produced, not to mention Crandall, Little Valley Knife Association, on and on. Everywhere I turned was a Case knife or family member.

Try as I might, I couldn’t collect old toenails without falling in love with Case and its fascinating history. If you have been around or CNJ for very long you probably thought I was a stock holder, on salary or something, but I’m not. I resisted it tooth and nail and then naturally fell for this firm.

cccmagwinter2008resizedlowresToday I am a proud member of the Case Collectors Club and this week received the CCC magazine, which, incidentally, mentions Cutlery News Journal’s interview with Tom Arrowsmith, the President of W R Case Cutlery Co., on the CNJ Knife Show.

The CCC  has grown from a handful of members in 1981 to 18,000 members worldwide. I can attest to the fact- these folks are fanatics when it comes to Case knives. I have been fortunate to have been asked to conduct the auctions for two Case events in Bradford, Pa and I’ve never seen anything like it. casefanknife

And I must confess one day you may see me like this too, cause the conversion of this rebel is complete.20080718_0778

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  1. I started out collecting case knives, the 75 pattern. I then got heavyly envolved into the stag 1970 case knives. Now I collect other brand that I like and can afford. I do find myself buying less case due to liking other knives also. I still consider myself a case collector. Frank

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