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Knifemaker- Joe Kious's Jade Vines

Knifemaker- Joe Kious's Jade Vines

This morning, Alex Whetsell, President of KnifeNetwork, blasted out a message promoting the 8th edition of the Don Guild Collection Sale. Of course, I clicked over to find about 70 fine custom knives by makers you know.

So, I thought I’d pass it on in case you want to grab yourself something for Christmas…or Thanksgiving.

Here is the link directly to the online catalog. Enjoy!

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Knife Website In The Spotlight-

cnjspotlight111508bIn the CNJ Featured Knife Website Series we introduce a collector’s site from a non-technical point of view. 

Today we are featuring

The minute you hit this site you will be impressed by the high quality professional photographs. The focus of the page is clearly on Knife Maker’s Hall of Fame member, Mr. D’Alton Holder’s knives. 

Scroll down and you will be presented several more examples of D’Holder’s craftsmanship. The images are large and quite impressive.

Del Anderson's

Del Anderson's

There is a lot of white space- further emphasizing the knives. Then further down the page, Del Anderson explains his interest in these knives and reason for building the site.

One of the features I like is his Site Map. It is helpful to give the visitor an idea of the scope of the site. He also has a “What’s New” icon right at the top of the homepage.

Very appropriately, Del built a page dedicated to Mr. Holder and it serves as a pictorial history of the knife maker going back over 25 years. Del also offers a Gallery of the knives he owns that are rotated every month or so.

If you are a custom collector or into D’Holder’s knives, then check out this site. You will notice your attention remains where it should be- on the knives- not the layout of the website.

Del shared with me his orginal motivation to build the site was simply to share his knives with others. Del said, “I’ve met many folks through this and have met a lot in person- it’s great!”

When you can stop by and say “Hello” to Del and thank him for sharing his passion with us.

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Absolut-ely only on the Web do knives and alcohol mix

Weekend Edition Part II

Allow me to begin by saying, I know playing with knives and drinking don’t go together, therefore, I’ll make the context of this post – Knife Safety.

The great thing about the web is it is virtual. Case in point- vodka and playing with really sharp knives- well over at True Digital I was pointed to the only place that can be done safely at the same time.

In real life mixing the two is a deadly combo. But since it is virtual, I decided to hit the Absolut site to attempt to use the virtual knife to cut the kiwi to the beat of the music. The first time I stunk (no I didn’t say “drunk”- I wasn’t drinking, thank you very much), but then I got the hang of it.

But don’t try this at home (non-virtually), or I’ll be reporting about your incident here at CNJ. Below is a video of my knife wielding abilities, if you care to see.

If you want to wield the knife for yourself go here.

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How about a run on knives too?

Weekend Edition

Obama Gun SalesThe recent presidential election caused a run on guns. Actually it started before the election, but now seems to be continuing. Evidently folks across America feel there is likely to be tightening of gun control. 

Here’s the list of media and their stories on the trend. It is even being reported internationally.

Will that carry over to knives? I’m not seeing a barrage of media stories on knife runs, but we know our knife rights are slowly being eroded. And it could be the best news for American knife makers yet.

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Countdown on the Knife Forum of the Year poll

Your participation has been phenomenal. This popular vote poll engaged knife folks all over the world to support their favorite forum. Knife talk is alive and well, in deed.  In fact, over 6900 votes have been counted so far, as of 6:45 AM Saturday, Nov. 15th.

I realized there were  international forums when the poll was designed originally, but I thought overall the language barrier would prevent participation. I was dead wrong. I’ll share my observations and the various groups who voted once the poll closes.

I recognize this contest could have been based upon a number of factors, but I chose popularity. It easily could have been- the most visually attractive (Iron Pitt would have won hands down), or the most posts/threads, the most diversified range of topics, on and on. There are a lot of great places on the web knife folks gather.

I will be closing the poll this coming Wednesday, Nov. 18th at 12:00 AM ET, so if you have members who haven’t voted there is still time.

The Year 1900 Here I Come- Google & Time Travel



Geek Rated: Beginner

I have this affinity for early American cutlery firm history around the years of 1900 through about 1915.

Case Brothers began making their own knives in Little Valley, NY. Then W R Case & Son opened in LVNY too.  C Platts opened its factory in Eldred, Pa. And then you have all other cutlery firms too, like NYKC, Miller Bros., and Cattaraugus, just to name a few.

The truth is I really wouldn’t want to have lived during that time, but would love to fold time and step back… just for a few days. I’d give my eye tooth to be able to handle a newly made Case Bros. pearl elephant toenail knife (or C. Platts Jumbo Swellcenter!), or walk through the Case Brothers factory.  

In case you are wondering where I am going with this- Well, I am two clicks away from being able to go back in time to that place. Google is replicating time travel. It has already provided the wormhole to ancient Rome on Google Earth. If you have never used Google Earth, it is really cool coming in from space to that spot on the earth. 

If Google can transport us to 320 A. D, then I just know it will be any day I will be able to go back a mere 108 years… I just don’t want to get Grinders Consumption while I’m there.

Tired of Knives That Just Go Cut?

musical-cake-slicerTruth can be stranger than fiction and from the “You gotta be kidding” category, how about a musical knife?

No, I’m not kidding. As featured at Gizmodo, this knife will play “Happy Birthday” while it cuts the cake. But if you don’t think it will ever fly, it really is more versatile and will also play “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” and  “Jingle Bells.” Better order now before they are all gone. They are being sold at Presents for Men.

I know the song choices are a bit lame, but what if it played “Cuts like a Knife” (B. Adams), “Under the Knife” (Kansas), “Twist the Knife” (Toto), “Twist of a Knife” (ELO), “Knife-Edge” (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), or “Six Blade Knife” (Dire Straits)?”

The guys over at the Jerzee Devil forum told me if it played “Running with the Devil” (Van Halen) or the “Devil Inside” (INXS), then they’d be all over it.

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The Great Debate: Which is more lethal a knife or a gun?

I am not an advocate of knife violence (especially considering the knives I have are mostly 100 year old pocketknives), but I found this guy’s argument that a knife is more lethal than a gun to be quite absurd. 

Yes, knives can kill, but so can rocks, sticks or automobiles (or fists, for that matter!). I realize the context of this testimony is gang violence, but it seems to me the root problem is the disposition of the individual, not the “instrument.” 

Making knives to be “the problem” is akin to treating a symptom, not the underlying cause.

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Should I be selling my knives or buying more?

dowjonesToday everyone watches the Dow as it if is the nation’s health barometer. They are trying to gleam insight for their business decisions and investment strategies. It is the worse case of navel gazing I have ever seen.

I know folks are looking for direction. In fact, several times a week, I am asked whether now is a good time to sale or buy real estate. My family has been in the real estate auction business for 94 years and many times we can see trends before they are obvious to the general public. We see who is selling, why they are selling and what they are selling. We also track the supply of various types of property nationally, plus we are able to see values real time.

I came across an authority in collectibles who wrote an interesting article. You may already be familiar with Harry Rinker. And while he is not be an expert in knives, per se, he is an expert on many types of collectibles.

Mr. Harry Rinker wrote an article for WorthPoint entitled Avoid Panic Selling: Find Great Bargains. I think his advice is sound.

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Knife Collecting, Knife Talk and the World Wide Web

In our recent post about knife forums- Knife Talk is Alive and Well – we pointed to the tremendous activity level of Knife Talk on the World Wide Web. It is interesting to see the sheer number of posts and replies posted on each knife forum.

You probably know CNJ started a Best Knife Forum of the Web poll that is running for the month of November. There is no doubt Knife Forums are the most popular knife “place” to go on the web.

Couple of interesting observations since we started the friendly contest. As of today, there have been almost 2000 over 3250 (11/11/08) 4500 (11/13/08 8:00 AM) 5664 (11/13/08 7:00 PM) site visits from the buzz at the various participating forums.  

forum de tous les couteaux Le petit affuté: forum de tous les couteaux

Something else happened too. We know the Web is worldwide and a French Knife Forum has joined in and started pounding the “Other” category. I felt it was only fair to add them to the list. Their name is NeoCZen.

Unfortunately, I only speak Southern, so you should have seen me trying to sign up as a member of their forum to let them know they were added to the list.

Google has Google Translator. I had to translate the instructions and “buttons” sentence by sentence. Then once I finally got registered I found the thread and posted “Votre forum a maintenant été ajouté à la liste. Mes excuses. Désolé pour ce désagrément, mais venir voter à nouveau, si vous le souhaitez. Bonne chance”

You know how funny it is to hear stories about words being translated and how they can have totally different meanings than are intended, well, hopefully I didn’t say something like- I like to eat dog or something stupid like that.

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